Cullman City AND County-Scools DELAYED: 3 Hours

Cullman City AND County Schools DELAYED by at least 3 Hours: Monday, Feb 23 2015


NOTE: This is subject to change.

School administrators for both educational systems are closely monitoring the changing weather. If conditions worsen, one or both school systems may be CLOSED.

Stay tuned … but count on at least a 3 hour delay.

In related news, it is confirmed that a similar 3 hour delay is in effect for Wallace State College in Hanceville.

Also, a number of area parents with school aged children are reporting that they are ‘done with this sh*t’ and that they 100% ready for spring.


Tips for School Closings:

Road safety

Safety is the prime factor when deciding whether to close the schools. School officials close schools in order to prevent transportation accidents and other problems caused by inclement weather.

Structural issues

Various types of severe weather can damage school structures (either temporarily or permanently). Additionally, extreme weather can cause power outages, prevent heat or air conditioning from working, and generally wreck havoc on the orderly operations of a school.


Some inclement weather makes road passage impossible or difficult. When snow or ice are involved, waiting for increasing temperatures and/or road workers to clear snow-covered roads is part of the ‘delayed open’ strategy. In deeper snowfalls, personal vehicles may become trapped, and their removal may take several days. This influences decisions on closures beyond the end of snowfall. The ability of employees to reach work places is also a factor.

Inclement weather that causes cancellation or delay is more likely in regions that are less able to handle the situation – like Cullman and all of northern Alabama. Snow days are less common in more northern areas of the United States because they are used to heavy winter snowfall and their local municipalities are far better equipped to clear roads and remove snow.

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