Paris police are now reporting over 100 victims perished as hostages inside the Bataclan Music Theater.

Video from the Stade de France soccer stadium – by ArsenalTerje

French President Closes Borders To Country



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French President François Hollande states the country’s military are being deployed around Paris after unprecedented attacks inside the city. France, as a country, is now officially in a state of emergency.

In a televised address to the citizens of this far western European nation, President Hollande indicated his security forces were actively assaulting at least one location linked to the attacks. He stated, “It’s a horror.”

At least 35 people have been reported as killed in apparent coordinated terrorist attacks across Paris. Members of the French news media are reporting a hostage situation active inside a concert hall in the French capital. Multiple people have perished in that location. Gunfire is apparently continuing in and around this venue at this time.

Multiple explosives were detonated near the Stade de France soccer stadium during a France versus Germany match. President Francois Hollande was in attendance for the game. The devices went off simultaneously.

Local citizens are reporting police helicopters circled this stadium (which is located just north of Paris). It is reported the President was rushed back to his interior ministry to assess and confront the situation.

Further reports from inside Paris indicate the city’s police department has confirmed multiple shootings and explosions at the stadium, but not the number of casualties.

This situation is evolving literally by the minute … we will try and sort out the details, and keep you updated.


French President Closes Borders To Country

French President Closes Borders To Country

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5:30 pm Update

Members of French media now reporting at least 60 people have been confirmed killed in this attacks. More causalities believed to be likely.

US President Barak H. Obama is quoted as calling the attacks an ‘outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians’.


5:45 pm Update

Western security experts suspect an Islamic militant groups is behind the attacks.

Up to 100 hostages are being held at the Bataclan Music Theater. Automatic gunfire and at least 5 explosive blasts have just occurred according to witnesses nearby.

BFMTV, a French television station, is reporting the gunmen who attacked the Bataclan had shouted “It’s for Syria” before opening fire.

6:00 pm Update

Police Assault on Bataclan Music Theater has ended. Two attackers reported taken out by French security forces.

Angelique Chrisafis reports dozens and dozens of empty stretchers being rushed towards scene at Bataclan by running EMT’s.

6:15 pm Update

French residents are now opening their homes to fellow frightened citizens. A # hashtag meaning ‘open door’ is now being widely dshared on Twitter. People are trying to offer solace and relief among the horror.

Countless residents are posting messages using the hashtag, along with their address, to alert people of a safe place to hide.


6:20 pm Update

Paris police are now reporting around 100 victims perished as hostages inside the Bataclan Music Theater as well as at least 40 other dead throughout Paris.


7:00 pm Update

Reports just out of Paris indicate at least four (4) assailant/terrorists have been killed by military security teams and/or law enforcement officers.


7:15 pm Update

Julian Peace, a journalist for Europe 1, was inside the Bataclan Music Theater when the attack happened.

He told France Inter that two to three people – not wearing face masks – opened fire on the crowd with automatic weapons, possibly, kalashnikovs. He said the shootings lasted 10 to 15 minutes – long enough for the assailants to re-load their weapons two or three times.

Peace told CNN that he heard nothing from the shooters, just the screams of the crowd. However, another witness, who was at the Bataclan with his mother, told France Inter that he heard the assailants screaming “Allahu Akbar” while shooting inside the crowd.

“It was carnage,” Marc Coupris, 57, told the Guardian, still shaking after being freed from being held hostage at the Bataclan.


French President Closes Borders To Country

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