Harbison also provides his overview of the ‘State of the State’ in his District 12 which includes roughly the western half of Cullman County. – Paul Bussman State of the State 2017

Paul Bussman State of the State 2017

Paul Bussman State of the State 2017

District 4 Alabama State Senator Paul Bussman (R) of Cullman delivered his ‘State of the State’ address on Friday. His remarks came at a luncheon hosted by the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce held at All Steak Restaurant. The luncheon was open to the public with over 100 people in attendance.

Senator Paul Bussman provided an insightful overview of the state of affairs surrounding the current governmental activities in Montgomery. He also shared his experienced insights and prognostications for the coming 2017 Legislative Session at the capitol.

In this interview with Senator Bussman, we discuss the mood in Washington D.C. (and across the nation) after the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Bussman also provides a very positive report card on the status of his entire District 4 legislation of territory including Cullman:


Paul Bussman State of the State 2017

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