Undercover Dope 4 Firearms Barter Yields Serial Criminal Arrest

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Undercover Dope 4 Firearms Barter Yields Serial Criminal Arrest

Undercover Dope 4 Firearms Barter Yields Serial Criminal Arrest

On Wednesday, Cullman Police Department (CPD) investigators closed the door on an unusual undercover operation involving a previously agreed transaction involving the proposed barter of a shotgun and drugs for a handgun.

The agreement consummated with plain clothes officers and the suspect in question at a meet-up location in the Dodge City area near Interstate 65.

Investigators had pre-determined the suspect was a convicted felon with an extensive criminal history.

Once the transaction meet-up occurred, investigators were able to positively confirm the identity of the suspect and immediately detained him.


The individual was found in possession of:

   • Heroin
   • Methamphetamine
   • Xanax
   • A Mossberg shotgun
   • Much stolen property

As result, investigators promptly arrested:


Henderson was then transported to the Cullman County Detention Center where he was charged with:

   • Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance
   • Receiving Stolen Property – 3rd Degree

He is being held on a $10,000 cash bond.

Undercover Dope 4 Firearms Barter Yields Serial Criminal Arrest

CPD investigators were able to determine that most of the personal property seized in the arrest had been stolen during a residential burglary in Jefferson County earlier that day.

Evans has an extensive criminal history involving thefts, drugs, and assaults. He was released from State Prison in August of 2016 after serving time for a theft conviction.

Henderson also has multiple active warrants of arrest from other law enforcement agencies pending. As a convicted felon, Henderson is prohibited from possessing firearms. The ATF has been notified for potential federal charges.

Sergeant Adam Clark was the lead investigator and coordinator of this operation. Investigators were assisted by Patrol Sergeant Chris Thomason and Officer Trey Higginbotham.

In the above interview with Captain Becky Boyd – head of Investigations at the Cullman Police Department – discusses this incident as well as another unusual undercover operation that resulted in the arrest of both individuals who reside outside of Cullman County this week.

The pair are serial criminals who have both been recently discharged after serving time in the State Prison system.

For additional background, please see:

STING OPERATION AT LOWES HOME IMPROVEMENTS FOILS RASH OF PARKING LOT BREAK-INS & THEFTS: https://www.facebook.com/cullmantoday/posts/1754896981416458:0

Note: Keith Allen Henderson has been charged with offenses, NOT convicted of crimes, stemming from this arrest. The judicial process following this arrest ultimately determines their individual guilt or innocence in regards to the criminal charge.

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