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James Curtis Randall Shedd Highway 157 Partnership Saves Lives

by | Feb 21, 2017 | 911, Breaking News, City News, County News, Cullman, Cullman City, EMS, Legislators, Public Safety, Representative Randall Shedd

James Curtis Randall Shedd Highway 157 Partnership Saves Lives

A series of motor vehicles accidents resulting in several serious medical injuries and multiple tragic fatalities has besieged the intersection of US Highway 157 and US Highway 278 in the East Point community in recent months.

Emergency responders from Cullman Emergency Medical Services, Cullman Fire Rescue, Berlin Fire & Rescue and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency are all too frequent professional witnesses and active rescue participants in these disturbing crash scenes.

James Curtis Randall Shedd Highway 157 Partnership Saves Lives

Having seen enough vehicular carnage and disrupted lives (as well as deep personal concerns for the public safety of the citizens he serves on a daily basis), Director James Curtis of Cullman Emergency Medical Services decided that a remedial action was necessary to slow down, if not stop, the ongoing accidents and collisions his agency routinely involves itself with at that intersection.

Since Highway 157 and 278 are roadways maintained by the state of Alabama, Curtis reached out to Alabama House District 11 Representative Randall Shedd (R) of Fairview for assistance.

The intersection is encompassed within Shedd’s district.

James Curtis Randall Shedd Highway 157 Partnership Saves Lives

Director Curtis contacted Representative Shedd early in February of this year.

Curtis explained to Shedd both the breadth and depth of his concerns based upon a lengthy list of empirical traffic accident data and injury reports.

Based upon Representative Shedd’s successful past experiences in working with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and his new role on the Alabama House of Representative’s Transportation, Utilities, and Infrastructure Committee, he immediately went to work.

Shedd’s goal was to thoroughly inform ALDOT of the crisis situation at the intersection and then seek that agency’s assistance in bringing immediate remediation to the situation.

James Curtis Randall Shedd Highway 157 Partnership Saves Lives

As you can see in the video report from the scene above, Representative Shedd was persuasive and influential in generating a rapid response from ALDOT.

Crews from ALDOT were out in force at the Highway 157/278 intersection last week installing motorist alert rumble strips (speed bumps), new forms of warning signage, and a wide array of glass-infused, light refracting surfacing enhancements.

The goal is to alert southbound motorists on Highway 157 that the four-lane roadway comes to a complete stop at the Highway 278 intersection, and thus reduce their traveling speeds and increase their awareness of the roadway hazard just ahead.

Much to Director Curtis’ surprise, the entire process from initial contact with Representative Shedd to completion of the project was less than 3 weeks.


James Curtis Randall Shedd Highway 157 Partnership Saves Lives

Images From US Highway 157 & 278 Intersection

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