Synthetic Marijuana Sends Two Juveniles One Adult To Cullman Regional

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Synthetic Marijuana Sends Two Juveniles One Adult To Cullman Regional

Synthetic Marijuana Sends Two Juveniles One Adult To Cullman Regional

Emergency responders in the City of Cullman were kept busy late this afternoon responding to Cullman e-911 calls regarding unusual medical symptoms related to the ingestion of synthetic marijuana.

The original 911 call referenced an address along Warnke Road in the northwest portion of the city.

The Cullman Police Department, Cullman Fire Rescue, and Cullman Emergency Medical Services descended upon the location where they found a juvenile exhibiting aberrant medical symptomology.

An adult male nearby was also discovered displaying similar behavior and issues.

Soon after this incident, deputies with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office located a third party presenting a profile of a similar nature.

Ultimately, two juveniles and one adult were transported by ambulance to Cullman Regional for treatment. One of the individuals is believed have required treatment in the Intensive Care Unit.

Sergeant Intae Suh of the Cullman Police Department headed up the law enforcement response to this health crisis. He believes the cause of the symptoms that led to the hospitalization of the three can be directly linked to the ingestion of some form of synthetic marijuana.

His concern transcends simple law enforcement:

“We are investigating exactly what substance(s) these individuals were involved with AND more importantly, from whom they obtained it from.

‘Synthetic’ does not make these products safer. In fact, they can have unpredictable medical effects when consumed that are far worse than more common drugs.

Our concern is that there may be a batch of BAD synthetic marijuana on the streets of Cullman. We do NOT want to see any more incidents like this one.

I was very impressed by the rapid and professional response that the EMS personnel provided in this case. And I appreciate the Sheriff’s Office help in locating the 3rd party.”

The Cullman Police Department’s investigation into this incident is both active and ongoing.

If you can provide further details or have knowledge in regards to this, or any, synthetic marijuana that may be causing severe medical symptoms in Cullman, please call the Cullman Police Department at 256-734-1434.

White Tiger is one of many common branding strategies for synthetic marijuana.


• Excessive sweating
• Paranoia
• Inability to speak
• Aggression
• Euphoric and psychoactive effects

Lots of drugs display one or more of the symptoms above, but with synthetic marijuana use, psychosis and hallucinations are very common.

Currently, synthetic marijuana is most popular with teens, who report it is the second most commonly-used drugs under traditional marijuana. It is more common for boys to use synthetic marijuana with almost double the numbers compared to girls in 12th grade.

The drug is known as spice, K2, Yucatan Fire, fake weed, skunk and moon rocks.

Once upon a time Spice was sold in head shops, gas stations and corner stores, which is why people have the misconception that it is not damaging to your health.

Warnke Drive NW

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Synthetic Marijuana Sends Two Juveniles One Adult To Cullman Regional

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