Corey Harbison Rises In State House Leadership Joining GOP Whip Team

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Corey Harbison Rises In State House Leadership Joining GOP Whip Team

Rep. Harbison is looking forward to his new role as he continues his rapid ascension in the Alabama State House.

Alabama House Majority Leader Nathaniel Ledbetter (R) of Rainsville has announced that State Rep. Corey Harbison (R) of Good Hope) has been appointed as a member of the House Republican Caucus Whip Team.

Ledbetter had these thoughts on the appointment:

“The House Republican Whip Team serves as the leadership’s eyes, ears, and voice on the chamber floor when we are in session.

It is important that our House majority whips are popular among their colleagues and possess the qualities of being highly motivated, organized, well-informed, and productive. Rep. Harbison embodies each of these traits and will serve our Caucus well in his new post.”

The members of the whip structure have multiple responsibilities that include:

1. Gathering vote counts on important pieces of legislation

2. Keeping members informed of the tactics and strategies occurring at any given time during a floor debate

3. Ensuring a quorum remains on the floor.

Harbison is looking forward to his new role as he continues his rapid ascension in the Alabama State House Republican Caucus leadership structure:

“With members always entering and leaving the chamber, dozens of private conversations and other distractions taking place, and heated debate occurring in the well, the legislative process can often become somewhat chaotic when all of this happens simultaneously.


The whip team is responsible for bringing some organization and calm to the chaos while keeping the Majority Leader informed of vote counts and developments on the floor.


I am eager to begin my new responsibilities and embrace this bigger role in passing the commonsense conservative reforms in the House Republican Caucus agenda.”

Before his election to the Alabama House in 2014, Representative Harbison served as the mayor of the City of Good Hope.

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Corey Harbison Rises In State House Leadership Joining GOP Whip Team

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