Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Cullman EMS

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Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Cullman EMS

The Cullman EMS team consists of 75 paramedics, EMTs, dispatchers and billing specialists.

I have worked in and around the news business in some form since 1980. Saying I’ve ‘seen it all’ would not be an understatement.

Looking back my most lasting memories do not come from the news itself, nor the people who make that news.

Instead, the greater impact on my personal experience originates with the extraordinary people who almost never make the news.

Those people are frequently the ‘supporting actors’ of the news – often racing into difficult, time-critical, dangerous, life-changing, tragic circumstances … willingly. Some do so without monetary compensation. They are rewarded with just the innate desire to be of active service to humanity.

Not unlike the military veterans that we all honored and remembered over this Memorial Day weekend, these folks I speak of are extraordinary.

They are the front line soldiers in the never ending process of securing peace, stability, safety, hope and crisis intervention here at home, rather than in some larger military conflict.

Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Cullman EMS

The challenges these people face usually involve the worse day of another person’s life. The victims they tend to could be me, they could be you, they could be anybody.

The challenging situation could be a medical emergency, a fire, severe weather, a car wreck, a freak accident, a crime scene; you name it. A person being in the wrong place at the ‘right time’ is a common contributing factor as well.

By now, you may wondering to whom I am referring. I am referring to the individuals who make up our law enforcement agencies, fire departments, rescue agencies, coroner’s office and medical emergency technicians.

Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Cullman EMS

As a reporter, observer, and producer of the news over several decades, I have had the privilege to witness firsthand these extraordinary souls in action. I still marvel at their selfless commitment and the crushingly demanding lifestyles most of them lead – personally and professionally.

I was reminded about all of the above during a picnic last week.

I took advantage of a kind invitation to eat some hot dogs at the annual gathering of the personnel of the Cullman Emergency Medical Services (CEMS). CMES also welcomed the medical responders from city and county fire departments as well as the friends and family who support them.

On one level, it was just a picnic attended by a bunch of folks who work together looking to have fun once a year with their peers.

Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Cullman EMS

Underneath the surface, it was a gathering of extraordinary souls who willingly risk their lives coming to the aid of others. These people’s abilities and efforts benefit their fellow citizens during the most challenging circumstances of their lives.

I may have seen it all in the news business. However, these people have experienced and touched it all while engaged in the business of saving lives and property, mitigating the severity of an injury, and soothing the terror of extreme illness while witnessing tragedy, crisis and sometimes death up close.

They do all this 365/24/7.

These people operate in the most demanding environments imaginable. They do all this with emotional grace, sharp mental acuity, and rapid, well-trained precision.

They do it with a professional poker face yet with the most caring, genuinely committed hearts around. You’ll rarely hear about these folks in the news. You’ll rarely hear about their stories and experiences unless you are friends with them.

If you ever get a chance to sit down with an emergency medical professional (or another emergency responder) – and you can get them to open up about their experiences, your life will change. Your appreciation for the extraordinary experiences these people extraordinary men and women routinely face and overcome will be lifelong.

I feel privileged to know many of these unique souls in Cullman personally. I am very grateful to count many of them as friends.

Plus, they can throw a heck of a picnic!

About the Picnic and Cullman EMS

Last week it was EMS Awareness Week in Cullman and around the United States.

It is an annual campaign designed to unite and inspire EMS personnel as well as strengthen the profession.

Cullman Emergency Medical Services provide pre-hospital EMS and inter-facility transport services providing and essential public function as the 9-1-1 emergency response partner. They are also a crucial component of the entire medical care continuum.

Cullman EMS provides the highest level of advanced life support available in the State of Alabama.

Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Cullman EMS

Cullman EMS is only one of two ground ambulance providers to hold an expanded scope of practice in the state.

· Provides pre-arrival instructions for all medical calls made to 9-1-1 in Cullman County

· Responds to more than 15,000 calls annually

· Serves as the central dispatch center for 26 volunteer fire departments in Cullman County

· Provides an ATV for incidents with rough, remote or rugged terrain

· Provides stand-by service for community events at no cost

The Cullman EMS team consists of 75 paramedics, EMTs, dispatchers and billing specialists.

Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 9-1-1.

Their business office is openly available Monday-Friday, 8 am until 4:30 pm by calling 256-734-1584.

For more information on Cullman EMS or services provided by Cullman Regional, visit www.CullmanRegional.com.

Cullman EMS Picnic 2017

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Cullman Emergency Medical Services

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Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Cullman EMS

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