A Senior Summer Visit To A Cullman County Gem

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A Senior Summer Visit To A Cullman County Gem

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The atmosphere is unlike anywhere else in Cullman. It is serene, pastoral and pleasing to the eyes and soul.

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The recent Memorial Day Music Festival at Smith Lake Park signaled the unofficial start of summer in Cullman County.

The festival reminded me of all the outstanding attractions, features, and activities available across the County.

The Cullman County Parks and Recreation Department in conjunction with the Cullman County Commission on Aging work hard year around to create opportunities for fun and community year around.

Rather than provide you a lengthy roster of everything we have available, I’d like to direct you to consider what I believe may be the top attraction for people over 50 in Cullman.

That is the Clarkson Covered Bridge in the Bethel community.

Clarkson Covered Bridge is one of Cullman’s most well-known attractions and historically significant sites. Originally built in 1904, the bridge was once used regularly by farmers and travelers to cross Crooked Creek. It is also known as the Legg Bridge.

The weatherworn bridge closed to vehicular traffic many years ago. It is now safe, majestic, and easily walked. This centerpiece of a park has been refurbished in period fashion to showcase the bridge and its historical significance. The Parks Department installed a bright red waterwheel last year. It is visually stunning.

The bridge was torn into two pieces in 1921 by a massive storm. One part was left intact; the other was swept downstream and eventually salvaged. One year later, the project to repair the bridge with the recovered material completed.

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A Senior Summer Visit To A Cullman County Gem

On June 25, 1974, Clarkson Covered Bridge was named to the National Register of Historic Places. Shortly after that in 1975, the Cullman County Commission restored the site with the help of concerned citizens as part of the American Bicentennial Project.

The Project embellished the grounds with hiking trails, a picnic area, and two-period structures built to accent the historical nature of the bridge: a Dogtrot log cabin and a working grist mill.

Located just off U.S. Highway 278 in Bethel, Clarkson Bridge is the site of numerous gatherings, vintage car shows, and other community activities.

The atmosphere and ambiance are unlike anywhere else in Cullman County. It is serene, pastoral and pleasing to the eyes and soul. I invite everyone – particularly citizen’s over 50 to visit. You will be impressed, excited and soothed all at the same time.

Kenneth Walker
Chairman – Cullman County Commission

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Clarkson Covered Bridge

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A Senior Summer Visit To A Cullman County Gem


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The staff writers at Cullman Today are a collaborative group of citizen reporters sharing the writing of stories based upon their personal interests and work schedules.

The staff writers at Cullman Today are a collaborative group of citizen reporters sharing the writing of stories based upon their personal interests and work schedules.