Afternoon Wrecks Litter Interstate 65

by | Jul 5, 2017 | 911, County News, Cullman, Public Safety

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18 Wheel Tanker Jack Knifes Into Woods and Rubbernecker Mishap Highlight The Carnage

It is a mess out on Interstate 65 late this afternoon and early evening.

At least three different motor vehicle accidents have occurred between Exit 291 (Colony) and Exit 304 (Good Hope) along Interstate 65 this afternoon.

Multiple emergency responders from Dodge City and Good Hope Fire & Rescue have been kept occupied for several hours by these roadway incidents.

Currently (6:45 pm), they are working jack knifed 18-wheel tanker incident. The big truck has left southbound lanes of the roadway and ended up in a heavily wooded area well off the pavement.

A secondary accident has occurred out on I-65 near this location. It appears this was a ‘rubbernecker’ related mishap.

The tanker driver gets style points for keeping the entire rig upright on it’s tires. It had to be a few scary seconds of controlled chaos for this operator. The Cullman County Hazardous Materials Team has been called to the location. Good Hope Fire Chief David Scott had these thoughts on the Haz Mat concerns:

“We are here pretty much as a precaution. We’ve looked this over very carefully. The tanker itself seems to be largely empty. We have just a little fuel coming from a tank on the wagon, but nothing major. I believe we have this one well under control.”

The driver of the Quality Carrier branded rig is physically uninjured in the accident.

Deputies with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, Cullman Emergency Medical Services and Trooper from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency have also been active throughout this marathon, motor vehicle chain reaction.

Traffic is slowed noticeably in the southbound lanes of Interstate 65 near the tanker wreck with motorists stacking up towards the Dodge City 291 Exit.

Dodge City Fire Chief Matt Weaver has been working the front line of these multiple wrecks from the beginning:

“It has been one of those afternoons out here. We had that first wreck almost cleared up, then this tanker goes off the Interstate. With all this traffic, slowdown and stoppage, folks get understandably impatient and it is sometimes hard for motorists to gauge exactly what is happening in front of their eyes.


That wreck over there is a rubberneck situation.


Hopefully, this is the last of the MVA’s for tonight. It is going to take awhile to clear this tanker out of the woods. We’d appreciate folks traveling south on I-65 through this 295 area slowing down and giving us space to work.”

The City of Hanceville has gotten a fair amount of spillover detour traffic from all of this. Highway 91 from Colony into Hanceville has been thicker than normal. Motorists are diverting up US Highway 31 towards Cullman.

Interstate 65 – Mile Marker 295

Afternoon Wrecks Litter Interstate 65

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