INTERVIEW: James C. Fields Returns To Tackle The Trump Era

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James C. Fields Returns To Tackle The Trump Era

In an exclusive interview today, Alabama District 12 Representative James C. Fields, Jr. announced that he will be returning to elective politics during the coming 2018 state election cycle.

The question is not if he will run for office (he will). The question is ‘which office will he run for?’.

In the interview below, Reverend Fields cites three separate and distinct Alabama state government positions he is currently mulling campaigning for:

★ The Governor of Alabama
★ Lieutenant Governor
★ District 12 State Representative

He promises a decision on which of this position he will officially seek on or before August 15, 2017.

In this extremely transparent and heartfelt interview, you’ll be able to grasp the thought processes behind his desire to return as an elected public servant in the state of Alabama.

Reverend Fields, Jr. is a minister in the United Methodist Church in Irondale. He served in the Alabama District 12 House of Representatives from 2008 until 2010 (representing Cullman).

He is native of Colony and grew up on a family’s small farm there. After graduating from Hanceville High School, he attended Jacksonville State University (JSU). At JSU, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement. Subsequently, he served in the U.S. Marines, attending officer training at the Marine Corps Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He departed the military with an honorable discharge.

He worked for the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations for nearly three decades. He and his wife Yvette have seven children and 13 grandchildren (at last count).

In November 2013, Fields announced that he would be a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Alabama in the 2014 elections. He ran in the Democratic primary uncontested and was defeated by incumbent Republican Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey in the general election.

Fields currently serves in a variety of elective and appointive position with such agencies as Cullman Electric Cooperative, Victim Services of Cullman, International Clergyman of the Civitans and the Alabama Wildlife Federation among several others.

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From Colony To Montgomery

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James C. Fields Returns To Tackle The Trump Era

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Staff Writers

The staff writers at Cullman Today are a collaborative group of citizen reporters sharing the writing of stories based upon their personal interests and work schedules.

The staff writers at Cullman Today are a collaborative group of citizen reporters sharing the writing of stories based upon their personal interests and work schedules.