THUNDER MOON Tonight In Cullman County

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Around 11 pm tonight – assuming the skies are partly clear (we expect them to be) – a Full Thunder Moon should dominate the Cullman County sky alongside Saturn.

The moon will begin to rise at 7:39 pm this evening, going full at 11:07 am CDT. The moon’s altitude will reach 34 degrees above the horizon in Cullman.

This full Thunder Moon will be present in the constellation Sagittarius, appearing just below Aquila (The Eagle) and above Nunki (Sigma Sagittarii), a medium-bright star of magnitude 2.3.

This traditional Thunder Moon name comes from July typically being the stormiest month of the year across the continental United States. As we experienced recently here in Cullman County, thunderstorms are more frequent in July, thus the name was bequeathed on the July full moon by Native American cultures.

If you capture an A+ photo of the Full Thunder Moon tonight – and want to share it with Cullman Today – we’ll post it Sunday morning. Send your highest, bestest resolution photo to

The phases of the moon are determined by how much of the moon's visible face is illuminated by the sun. Image by
Full Moon: Why Does It Happen? How Does It Affect Us?

This video explains most everything:

If the moon tonight get obscured by clouds tonight, no worries: a near-full moon will be visible on Sunday and Monday as well.

The Moon

Cullman Full Moon Tonight Saturday July 8 2017

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