Cullman Womens Self Defense Class 2017

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The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office will be hosting a Women’s Self Defense Class.

Eighteen year law enforcement veteran Deputy Chad Whaley will be the lead instructor.

Whaley has helped train police officers and deputies throughout the Cullman County area and is now assisting the public in safety awareness and women’s self-defense.

The class itself will be broad spectrum in nature. The essence of the curriculum will revolve around the well-known and highly effective Equalizer Self-Defense Program materials. This program provides understandable, doable women’s self defense tactics when confronted with situations like muggings, assault, and other similar real world circumstances. Part 1 of the class is Monday night; Part 2 is Tuesday night.

These classes will be held next Monday and Tuesday (July 17th & 18th) at 6:00 pm at the new Cullman County Sheriff’s Office Training Facility to the south of the main Sheriff’s Office and county jail.

Cost of admission is 100% free.

According to Sheriff Matt Gentry,

“I have said many times that we at the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office are advocates of our citizens having the knowledge and training they need to protect themselves. Deputy Whaley is one of the best at teaching self defense techniques I have seen.”

To register, please email Captain Mark Persall at or call him at 256-734-0342.

Note: Citizens do not have to register, but they are encouraged to do so. This gives CCSO a solid idea of the number of guests who will participate making event planning much easier and better for all parties.

Image: Deputy Whaley plying his craft (by Cullman Sheriff)

Bradley Williams

Bradley Williams

Director of Communications

The basic information for this community event was provided by Bradley Williams. Williams is the Director of Communications at the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office.

Cullman County Sheriff’s Office Training Center
Cullman Womens Self Defense Class 2017

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