Special Events District Expansion Headlines Planning Commission Meeting

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“A Special Events District is NOT a Giant All Day, All Night, Everyday Party Barge Scenario”

The Cullman Planning Commission met in regular session Monday night at 5:30 pm in the City Hall Auditorium.

Several important line items were on the agenda. Perhaps the most fascinating and certainly the one that drew the most interest was a Public Hearing on a proposed amendment to City Ordinance 2013-27.

This ordinance pertains to the boundaries of what is known as a Special Event District (SE-1).


A Special Events District sounds complicated, but it is not. Imagine Oktoberfest or the Strawberry Festival each year. These events get held inside of an imaginary geographic boundary called a Special Events District.

In a Special Events District, public alcohol consumption rules are relaxed solely for the duration of the event based on the Cullman City Council directives.

This Public Hearing allowed interest residents to weigh-in (yeah or nay) on a proposal to significantly expand the geographic boundaries of Cullman’s current downtown Special Event District.

Rick Fulmer, Director of Building, Planning & Zoning for the City of Cullman expertly explains the details of all this in fascinating detail in this interview following the hearing:

Randy Britt and Ron Pierce took to the podium in favor of the expansion proposal. Britt is the President of the Cullman Board of Realtors, and Pierce is the former President of the Downtown Merchants Association.

Cullman resident Joe Wilhite spoke in serious opposition to the proposed amendment.

After this lengthy and thorough public hearing, the Planning Commission made a motion render a favorable opinion on the amendment, and thus move their review findings forward to the Cullman City Council for a final decision.

It appears highly likely that the City Council will approve this significant expansion of the boundaries of the Special Event District boundaries in downtown. The Council meets next Monday at 7:99 pm; it is unknown if this topic will appear on the agenda, or not.

For visual reference, this map shows the current Special Events District:

And this map shows the proposed, expanded geographic version of the District.

The Cullman City Planning Commission was created on April 8, 1963, and consists of 9 members.

Current members (as of 6/8/2016) include Mayor Woody Jacobs and City Council member Andy Page (ex officio members), Bobby Kelley, Wendell Copeland, Cherri Drake, Gene Green, Mike Voss, Steve Cummings, and Barrett Richard.

Mayor Jacobs was not in attendance at this meeting. Council member Page was present, but abstained from voting on the motion.

The terms of the ex officio members (Mayor and City Council member) correspond to their official elected office tenures. All other members serve staggered six-year terms.

Meetings are normally held on the 1st Monday night of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the City Hall Auditorium.

Commission Contact: Amber Duke, 256-775-7203.

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Special Events District Expansion Headlines Planning Commission Meeting

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