Interstate 65 Northbound Standstill Two Car Collision

by | Jul 16, 2017 | 911, County News, Cullman, Public Safety

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One Vehicle Rollover Impacts Other Vehicle

Northbound traffic along Interstate 65 is at a virtual standstill from around mile marker 300 southward (this is just south of the 301 rest area). The traffic jam now extends well past the Dodge City 301 exit approximately 3 miles towards Colony. This traffic jam is expected to grow.

It appears that one vehicle left the roadway conducting a complete rollover in the process. That vehicle has ended up on its roof top in the grassy center median.

Emergency responders from Dodge City Fire & Rescue and the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office are active at the scene. A Trooper with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is expected to arrive shortly. A full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident is expected to begin immediately.

A medical team from Cullman Emergency Medical Services was originally summoned to the scene by dispatchers with Cullman e911. Perhaps miraculously (in a good way), their services will not be required. Somehow all human participants in this mishap appear largely uninjured; they will not require medical treatment or hospitalization.

Dodge City Fire & Rescue Fire Chief Matt Weaver was among the first on scene. He had these thoughts moments ago from the roadside:

“Well, these folks drew the lucky card today. The crash looks worse than it is, thankfully. Looks like no one was injured. This being Sunday afternoon, folks can expect traffic to be bad. You can already see what this road blockage is doing … cars are backed up as far as the eye can see to the south. We’ll work to get this cleared up as soon as possible, but it’ll take a little bit.”

Motorists are using the northbound exit at the 301 in Dodge City to leave the highway and detour up Highway 69 towards Cullman. Traffic on 69 and Golf Course Road is thick.

Interstate 65 – Mile Marker 300

Interstate 65 Northbound Standstill Two Car Collision

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