Alabama Highway 69 18 Wheeler Collides With Passenger Truck

by | Jul 17, 2017 | 911, City News, Cullman City, Public Safety

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3:35 pm Update: Patient has departed the scene via medical helicopter. By direction of travel, it looks like the flight is headed to Huntsville Hospital.

The severity and extent of injuries suffered is not publicly available, but impactful enough to require evaluation and treatment at a Level 1 Trauma Center.

The roadway is still blocked … and will likely be so for some time.
3:25 pm Update: Medical helicopter is now on the ground near the wreck site.

Alabama Highway 69 (aka Cherokee Avenue SW) in the City of Cullman is BLOCKED in both directions at the moment.

Emergency responders from Cullman Police Department, Cullman Fire Rescue and Cullman Emergency Medical Services have been called in by Cullman e911 in regards to a collision between a large 18 wheel trailer and a passenger size truck.

It appears that the passenger truck was initially on fire It also appears that at least one occupant has been entrapped.

Air Evac Lifeteam has been called to this location between Industrial Drive and 23rd Street SW. The wreck scene is generally in front of Walmart Distribution.

It is currently unknown how long full road blockage will continue.

We will have more information as soon as more details are available.

Alabama Highway 69 Near Walmart Distribution

Alabama Highway 69 18 Wheeler Collides With Passenger Truck

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