Cullman Homeowner + 3rd Party Assailant Killed North Of Cullman

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Around 5:00 pm Monday, investigators with the Cullman County Sheriffs Office, members of Vinemont-Providence Fire Department and Cullman Regional Medical Services were called to a residence located at 2315 County Road 1301 just off Eva Road.

This location is between Lake Catoma and Lake George north of the City of Cullman.

Sheriff Matt Gentry and District Attorney C. Wilson Blaylock arrived soon after the original wave of emergency responders.

Details surrounding the circumstances of the incident were made intentionally sparse and inconclusive by all parties involved in the response effort.

Throughout the night, a tight security perimeter was maintained around the address in question. Only residents of the neighborhood were allowed ingress and egress.

Sheriff Gentry conducted a press conference around 10 pm at the Kelly Community Center at the corner of Eva Road and County Road 1301. All noteworthy Cullman media outlets attended along with a gaggle of TV news organizations from both Birmingham and Huntsville.

In Sheriff Gentry’s very short press conference, he indicated his office might have more information on Tuesday as the investigation into this incident is ongoing:

During the press conference, Gentry stated: “a homeowner was shot and killed at a residence located in Cullman County.” He did not release the name of that homeowner. Also, he indicated that a 3rd party assailant was responsible for killing said homeowner.

Gentry went on to explain that another occupant of the dwelling was responsible for then killing the assailant.

The Sheriff did not name the assailant or the other occupant of the home. He gave no indication of the circumstances involved in the incident including no details on the motive, nor a description of the specific activity that occurred inside the home.

Gentry’s key point seemed to be:

“We are going to be limited on details because it is an active, ongoing investigation,”

Upset by the incident, the Sheriff quickly ended the session saying:

“… at this time, my heart and my prayers go out to the family. And that’s all we’re going to release right now.”

The Director of Communications for the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office characterized the matter as a homicide AND an isolated incident. He believed there were no additional or direct threats to nearby residents.

It is believed that at least one individual may have been transported out for medical treatment.

Cullman County Coroner Jeremy L. Kilpatrick will likely be the party that ultimately names the parties left deceased by this incident. We contacted him immediately after the 10 pm press conference.

We have gotten no official information or statement from him at the time of this report.


On Monday night, multiple sources indicated that a prominent Cullman attorney and his wife may be at the center of this incident along with a 3rd party assailant. A public records search of the 2315 County Road 1031 indicates the property is owned by Stephen K Griffith.

Crime Scene: 2315 County Road 1031, Cullman, AL
Cullman Homeowner + 3rd Party Assailant Killed North Of Cullman

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