Doug Garmon: Final Transmission

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Doug Garmon: Final Transmission

Doug was super well liked and respected all around.

We’ve heard it said that you can tell a lot about the character of a person by how many cars are in their funeral procession. Today, Doug Garmon had about a mile of vehicles following him during his last ride.

Funeral services for Doug were held at 11:00 am today at Cullman Heritage Funeral Home Chapel. His interment was at Flint Creek Baptist Cemetery in Vinemont.

Charles Douglas Garmon (55) proudly served the citizens of Cullman County in the fire, rescue, and hazardous materials services for 35 years. Doug is a Lieutenant at Good Hope Fire & Rescue and a key member of the Cullman County Hazardous Materials Team.

Virtually every Cullman County fire department and emergency service agency had personnel attend the services. Doug was super well liked and respected all around.

We hope the above video does his memory appropriate justice.

Good Hope Fire & Rescue

Doug Garmon: Final Transmission

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