Cullman's Hottest Day

On July 30, 1952, Cullman set a record high temperature of 110°.

Sixty-five years later that record is still intact. The Heat Wave of 1952 effected the entire eastern United States as well as Alabama and Cullman. The summer of 1952 is considered the DRIEST summer on record.


Here is an excerpt from the National Weather Service analog of the day – U. S. Weather Bureau – in Washington, D.C.


It is entitled ‘A Month With Drought’ by William H. Klein:

“This was the driest July on record in Birmingham, Ala., where rainfall totalled less than one-fourth of the normal amount. The drought and heat wave were particularly severe during the second half of July, when almost no rain fell in parts of Alabama and Tennessee.


In New York City the period from July 14 to 23 was the warmest 10-day stretch on record, with an average temperature of 83′ F. The month as a whole was the hottest calendar month in New York’s recorded weather history, which dates from 1871.”

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110 Degrees Cullman’s Hottest Day Ever July 30 1952

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