Super Senior Walks Out Of Swamp Under Own Power After Wreck

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Occasionally, we have good news to report on motor vehicle accidents. Today is such a day.

Medically assessed as physically uninjured, the senior female driver of the car that plunged into the swamp area off Highway 69 in Dodge City earlier this afternoon walked away from the wreckage on her own power!

She made the 150-foot trek through waist high brush and marshy wasteland with only minimal help from EMS, Fire & Law Enforcement.

For full background on the original wreck, please see:

This tough-as-nails Super Senior was examined by medical personnel from Cullman EMS at the scene. She was cleared and allowed to leave the wreck location in a personal vehicle belonging to family members.

A Trooper with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency arrived soon after with an investigation into the incident underway.

Aside from the mishap itself, there is one item of bad news. Her Ford model vehicle was recently purchased and brand new. At the time of this report, it was as yet undetermined if someone will attempt to drive the Ford out of the muck, or if a local towing company will make the extrication.

In any case, we are very happy this stout lady was able to walk off uninjured. Impressive!

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