Post-Playtex Era Strong In Cullman: The Big Latch On 2017

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IMAGES Cullman Kiwanis Club Pancake Day 2017

Chamber of Commerce weather greeted several dozen lactating women and their families at the Walmart Pavilion inside Heritage Park on Saturday morning.

The gathering celebrated the 4th annual BIG Latch On. This event ran from 10 am until noon.

Cullman County nursing mothers along with their husbands and other support members convened to breastfeed their babies in a supportive, lactation-friendly environment.

Ashley Wright, the lead organizer of this event, invited all area lactating moms as well as their friends, family, and community to come out and participate in the cause.

The BIG Latch On is an annual, global event that celebrates, promotes and supports breastfeeding.

Ashley explains everything in great detail here:

The larger goal of the global BIG Latch On movement is to normalize breastfeeding.

There was a worldwide synchronization latch from 10:30 to 10:31 am Cullman time.

Groups of nursing moms and their supporters around the world either latched their babies, expressed milk or fed breast milk by spoon to their babies all at the same time across the world. It was a sacred, touching and profound moment at Heritage Park.

Elijah Pratt of New York patented the first rubber nipple in 1845. It took until the 20th century, however, before materials and technology improved sufficiently to allow manufacture of a soft nipple that was practical for use.

The first glass nursing bottle was patented by American C.M. Windship in 1841, but required that it “be superimposed on the mother’s breast so that the nursing infant would be deceived into thinking that the milk was coming directly from the mother”.

The American and British markets eventually saw the introduction of heat-resistant upright Pyrex bottles, narrow-necked versions in the 1950s and wide-neck versions a decade later.

Plastic bottles, commonly known as ‘Playtex bottles’, widely appeared a decade after that.

Before all the fancy infant milk apparatus mentioned above, mothers have fed their young babies directly by the breast for millenniums.

Interested in more information on normalizing breastfeeding in your life? Contact:

IMAGES from Cullman The Big Latch On 2017

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Heritage Park

IMAGES Cullman Kiwanis Club Pancake Day 2017

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