IMAGES Cullman Kiwanis Club Pancake Day 2017

The Cullman Suicide Prevention Walk began from the Mary Carter Store and ran to Arnold Street NE at 10 am Saturday. Then, the MAIN EVENT was held at Depot Park.

The purpose of the Cullman Suicide Prevention Walk was exactly as the title suggests: To bring awareness and education to the prevention of suicide in Cullman County and beyond.

The Cullman Suicide Prevention Walk is the creation of Ron Lamon. Ron has been directly affected multiple times by suicide among his circle of family and friends.

He and a small subset of attendees from Vinemont Baptist Church constitute the Vinemont Baptist Lifeline. This group is a ministry committed to the prevention of suicide.

Also on hand for the walk was Ashley Foster of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She too has been personally affected by suicide as well as being a walking encyclopedia of information, statics, insights, and experiences on the subject.

In this intense and important interview, we speak with both Ron and Ashley about this event and suicide in general:

Tommie Sanders, AADC, LPC of Mental Health Care of Cullman was one of the other highlight guest speakers at Saturday’s gathering at Depot Park.

At the podium, she described that completed suicides in Cullman County have already reached 20 in 2017. The total for the entirety of 2016 was ‘just’ 15.

Attempted and threatened suicides far exceed these totals with emergency responders and mental health agencies busy on nearly a daily basis.

In her presentation, Ms. Sanders explains exactly what to do when suicidal ideation and intentions enter your orbit. Just as importantly, she explains all the positive options available in Cullman County that can help prevent suicide and create a forward movement of HOPE in people’s lives:

Devil Dawgs Food Truck, bounce houses (provided by Cullman Bounce House) and other kids activities were present at the time of the event. Door prizes and free giveaways were also offered.

HELPFUL RESOURCES on the subject of suicide are


You can find the Vinemont Baptist Lifeline online here.

IMAGES from Cullman Suicide Prevention Walk

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Depot Park

IMAGES Cullman Kiwanis Club Pancake Day 2017

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