Cigarettes Gasoline Cause Good Hope House Fire

by | Aug 15, 2017 | County News, Cullman, Fires, Public Safety, Videos

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Firefighters from multiple Cullman County fire departments have been called by Cullman e911 to a fully involved residential structure fire.

The location is in the 100 block of County Road 385. The lone wood frame home in this tightly bunch neighborhood of mobile homes is the structure on fire.

Firefighters are struggling with an attack from swarms of flying Hornets as they attempt to extinguish this intense, rapidly advancing blaze.

Apparatus and personnel from Good Hope and Trimble along with firefighters who came from Dodge City, Logan, Loretta and Bremen via personal vehicles are present at the address.

A medical team from Cullman EMS are staged nearby; Sergeant David Nunn of the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office has set up a security perimeter around the incident.

Loretta Fire Chief Tony Barnett indicates his initial investigation into the cause of the fire involves a tipped over gasoline can under a porch being ignited by embers from lit cigarettes.

There is some good news … the dwelling was vacated before the worst of the fire; no injuries have been reported to occupants or emergency responders.

The Cullman Chapter of the American Red Cross will not be required to respond to this fire.

A line crew from Cullman Electric Cooperative has just disconnected the power to the premises.

County Road 385
image by Cullman Today
Cigarettes Gasoline Cause Good Hope House Fire

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