Bingo Master Matt Gentry Visits Rejuvenated Brushy Pond Senior Center

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The Brushy Pond Senior Center is sharply on the rise.

‘Rejuvenated’ is the best word to describe the atmosphere at this facility located at 2729 County Road 143.

This venerable western Cullman County branch of the Commission on Aging’s fleet of Senior Centers had been on the decline for some time.

Based upon guidance from several sources, Commission on Aging Director Dusty Baker made the fateful decision to approve the hiring of Cindy Stricklin to take over day-to-day directorial operations at the Brushy Pond Senior Center.

In less than 6 weeks, Stricklin has transformed this Center just south of Lewis Smith Lake from a moribund outpost of limited attraction into a beehive of activity, interest, and fun for residents age 60 and above.

On Thursday, Stricklin brought in a talented Bingo Master named Matt Gentry to call bingo for the almost 20 Brushy Pond Seniors in attendance at the Center. (Gentry is also active in the law enforcement community in Cullman County during his spare time).

In addition to Gentry, the boss man himself – Dusty Baker – made an appearance Thursday in support of Stricklin’s initiatives. He loves all the Seniors in the Commission on Aging system. He was particularly pleased to see such a large turnout at this previously at-risk facility.

Among the regular attendees at the Center, perhaps the most compelling is Toni Buzbee. Toni was alone, despondent, sick and effectively at death’s door before she learned about the Brushy Pond Senior Center.

With the help of Stricklin and other Seniors at the Center, a rejuvenated Toni is alive and no longer ill. She now has made friends, and she helps Stricklin serve the food most days. She dresses up and looks MUCH healthier.

Toni reported to us that she told Stricklin, “… thank you for giving me my life back.”

There is no more powerful and touching testimonial for the benefits of the Brushy Pond Senior Center than that!

The following video will give you a feel for what occurred at the Center this past Thursday. Each of the central figures in this story are interviewed in this video:

Cindy Stricklin at 0:11
Toni Buzbee at 2:00
Dusty Baker at 4:00
Matt Gentry at 6:42
About Brushy Pond Senior Center

The men of Brushy Pond built the Senior Center in the early 1980’s.

In addition to Thursday Bingo (County Commissioner Gary Marchman will be this week’s upcoming guest Bingo Master), the Center regularly has morning stretching at 9:30 am, randomly scheduled potluck meals, games (Rook Dominoes & Yahtzee are favorites) with a variety of Activities following. They also recently completed a full Yard Sale as well.

The Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 12 pm. (Closed on Holidays).

Lunch is always at 11:15 am, Bingo takes place on Thursdays from 10 am to 11:15 am.

If you are interested in details on Homebound meals, please call 256-287-0442.

The is Brushy Pond Senior Center modern and hip; they have their very own group on Facebook.

IMAGES from Bingo Master Matt Gentry Visits Rejuvenated Brushy Pond Senior Center
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Brushy Pond Senior Center
Bingo Master Matt Gentry Visits Rejuvenated Brushy Pond Senior Center

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