STATEMENT Mayor Woody Jacobs: Highways 31 & 278 Construction

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City of Cullman Mayor Woody Jacobs along with Cullman City Council members and Senator Paul Bussman recently met with Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) Director John Cooper.

Also at the meeting were Curtis Vincent, Regional Director for North Alabama area covering Cullman, Cullman Chief of Police Kenny Culpepper and Cullman Fire Chief Edward Reinhardt, Jr.

ALDOT is utilizing money from the Federal Highway Administration that can only be used for “safety type improvements like the concrete dividers.

According to Mayor Woody Jacobs, Mr. Cooper explained that approximately three more inches of asphalt will need to be added to the resurfacing plan that is currently being conducted along U.S. Highway 278 in the City of Cullman.

This additional pavement should result in the dividers being a more normal height like a typical curb. The director said ALDOT will also look at the several intersections to potentially made some minor adjustments.

In addition, Mayor Jacobs reports that Director Cooper concurred with concerns from Police Chief Kenny Culpepper about pedestrian safety crossing U.S. Highway 278 West at Denson Avenue.

Pedestrians are trying to cross five lanes of traffic on a busy highway and police are concerned accidents will occur there. ALDOT will construct an area in the turn lane to allow pedestrians a safe spot to stop midway across the highway.

Mr. Cooper also noted in the meeting that paving on U.S. Highway 31 is not complete.

The current rough surface was milled rough intentionally to offer a stronger binding base for the final two layers of driving surface. Cooper said U.S. Highway 31 will have a smooth driving surface resembling other state and federal highways when the project is completed.

“I want to thank Senator Bussman for arranging the meeting with the Highway Department to allow us to voice our concerns about the new concrete barriers and turn lanes on Highway 278,” stated Mayor Jacobs. “It would not have happened without Senator Bussman.”

City of Cullman

STATEMENT Mayor Woody Jacobs: Highways 31 & 278 Construction

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