Sheriff Matt Gentry on the Labor Day Weekend Ahead

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From the shores of Smith Lake, Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry discusses the potential perils citizens face during the long Labor Day weekend ahead.

We cover a wide wide range of topics including how to prevent car burglaries, the risks, and consequences of distracted driving, boating safety as well as the elusive goal of getting grown adults to NOT combine intoxication with operating a motor vehicle.

The 2017 Sweet Tater Festival and CruzeFest will be happening Sunday and Monday at Smith Lake Park along with a full slate of high school football games tonight. College football for Alabama and Auburn fans commence Saturday night + there will be a number of other events throughout the County for you to enjoy.

The Sheriff on behalf of the entire staff at the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office asks citizens to have fun, be cool, be sane, be safe, and ALWAYS have a sober, non-distracted driver at your disposal.

They’d all like to enjoy the Holiday weekend with a minimum of incidents and tragedies to which they must attend.

Smith Lake Park

Sheriff Matt Gentry on the Labor Day Weekend Ahead

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