Young Woman Airlifted From Smith Lake After Rock Diving Accident

by | Sep 4, 2017 | 911, County News, Cullman, EMS, Public Safety, Videos

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Emergency responders descended upon Smith Lake Park this afternoon in the middle of Sweet Tater Festival.

Summoned to the park by a call to Cullman e911 concerning an on-the-water accident on Smith Lake, they positioned themselves first at the boat launch area awaiting the arrival of a woman believed to be in her early twenties.

image by Wesley Parrish

The young lady had apparently been diving at the famed Indian Point area on Smith Lake. Following one plunge off the rocks, she emerged from underwater in a severely injured state.

She was rushed via boat to the Smith Lake boat launch area where she was met by personnel from Cullman EMS as well as Trimble and Loretto Volunteer Fire Departments. After an extensive triage session, she was transported by ambulance to the open area directly behind the Sweet Tater Festival stage.

It was a somewhat surreal scene as the Air Evac Lifeteam 15 helicopter descended with Tragic City blissfully playing on the main stage and several thousand people enjoying the larger festival.

The injured woman was moved from the ambulance to the waiting helicopter where they quickly departed. By direction of travel, Huntsville Hospital looked like the destination.

Her exact medical condition is not publicly known, but obviously, it is serious enough to warrant evaluation and treatment at a Level 1 Trauma Center.

A large gathered crowd at both the boat launch area and behind the stage to witness the proceedings. Once the airlift was completed, Sweet Tater Festival continued as before.

Indian Point on Lewis Smith Lake

Young Woman Airlifted From Smith Lake After Rock Diving Accident

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