Cullman Suicide Awareness & Prevention Prevention Walk

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Rachel Bryant and her crew of committed volunteers with Karma in Cullman held their Suicide Awareness & Prevention Walk on Saturday afternoon.

Over the 3 hour duration of the event, around 300 super supportive Cullman residents convened at Depot Park in downtown Cullman.

The goal of the Suicide Awareness & Prevention Prevention Walk was to bring awareness to the illness that is affecting our community more and more every day. Supporting those who are fighting daily with depression as well as strive to help people remove the stigma surrounding mental illness was paramount to this gathering.

Suicides leading to actual deaths in Cullman County in 2016 totaled 15 according to Cullman County Coroner Jeremy L. Kilpatrick. In the first 7 months of 2017, the total has skyrocketed to 22 already.

The number of attempted suicides and suicidal ideation emergency response calls to emergency response agencies is MUCH higher than that.

The actual walk was in honor of those lives lost to suicide and for those who fight to live and speak out:

A variety of local organizations were on hand at this event with addiction, depression and mental health focuses:

• The Sanctuary at the Woodlands
• Celebrate Recovery
• Greater Love Ministries
• Mental Healthcare of Cullman

The Cullman High School Chamber Choir, as well as members of the Fairview High School FFA String Band, delivered musical interludes.

Robert Spicer of Bluey One DJ (256-962-2603) provided all recorded music.

Our favorite booth gave out color coded ribbons in memory of lost loved ones, or in honor of survivors:

Face painting and paint rocks were a big hit among the youngsters on hand. The balloon release honoring all victims of suicides as well as their families and friends was a touching moment for everyone involved.

In this interview, Director of Karma In Cullman – Rachel Bryant – goes deep into her own personal challenge with suicide while explaining the many important aspects of this event:

Resources For Immediate Needs

The National Suicide Prevention Line is: 1-800-273-8255

Mental Healthcare of Cullman: 256-255-1020

Teen TEXT Suicide Prevention: 741741

Depot Park

Cullman Suicide Awareness & Prevention Prevention Walk

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