County Commission Tables New Truck Purchases & Retiree Pay Out Decisions

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Cullman County Commission Meeting March 14 2017

The following Cullman County Commission business was conducted Tuesday morning (September 12, 2017) at 10:00 am in the commission meeting room of the Cullman County Courthouse.

NOTE: The Cullman County Commission meets every second and fourth Tuesday, except in cases where the meeting date falls on a holiday, in which case the meeting is moved to the following day. Meetings are scheduled for 10 am in the Commission Office Conference Room, first floor, Cullman County Courthouse, Cullman, Alabama, unless otherwise specified.

Cullman County Commission Meeting March 14 2017

Cullman County Commission Meeting: September 12, 2017

Cullman County Clerk Charlotte Slatton conducted a roll call and Chairman Kenneth Walker and Associate Commissioners Garry Marchman and Kerry Watson proceeded with the County’s business.


Call of Roll to Establish Quorum, Invocation, and Pledge of Allegiance

APPROVAL of the minutes of August 31, 2017, meeting, appropriations, expenditures, payroll, and requisitions and approve all journal entries to be posted.

AUTHORIZED Chairman Kenneth Walker and EMA Director Phyllis Little to sign for additional Federal EMPG funding for the fiscal year 2017 for $12,000.

AUTHORIZED the Chairman to sign a Department of Youth Services Grant Agreement for the fiscal year 2018 for $196,000.

APPROVAL of additional Senior Center Manager for the Fairview Senior Center pending approval from Alabama Department of Senior Services (ADSS) for the position

AUTHORIZE the Chairman to sign an Agreement with the Cullman Electric Cooperative for billing and collection of Sanitation Department accounts.

AUTHORIZE the Chairman to sign a contract with Keet Contracting Services for GIS software, training, and support in conjunction with Voter Address Management.


AUTHORIZE the Economic Development Office to proceed with application for Community Safe Rooms through Federal Pre-Disaster Mitigation funding

AUTHORIZE the payment to the ACCA Workers’ Compensation Fund for Worker’s Compensation Insurance for 10-1-2017 to 10-1-2018 at the cost of $472,798.91

AWARD bid for a Security Fence at the Cullman Regional Airport to Columbus Fence – Base bid and Alternate 1; 50/50 State Grant: Total $184,408.50   – County Portion $46,102.12.

TABLED Resolution # 2017-34 which would provide Cullman County retired employees a One-time Lump Sum Payment to be paid in October 2017. The payment of $88,988 would be spread over 165 eligible retirees.

The motion to table this resolution was made by Garry Marchman who was reticent to vote for approval until he had time to review and research this more thoroughly.

A similar lump sum payment to County retirees was approved and made in 2014.

APPROVAL of a contract with Health Management Systems (HMS) for a Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit and Business Associate Agreement – Cost $14,118 based on approximately 730 dependents


TAKEN OFF AGENDA the purchase of trucks for the Road Department from the State Bid List.

County Road Engineer John Lang cited increasing repair costs and equipment down time as his rationale for the request to purchase additional trucks.

Garry Marchman balked at the idea and moved to remove this agenda item. Marchman believes every available extra budegtary amount should be used for road repairs.

AWARDED Bid # 1209 – Extension – Emulsified Asphalt – Ergon

AWARDED Bid # 1214 – Extension – Corrugated Plastic Pipe – Bear Concrete

AWARDED Bid # 1270 – Cold Mix

RESCIND the bid award to Cullman Dodge Dealership for one (1) or more Service Trucks for the Water Department

AWARDED the bid for the purchase of one (1) or more Service Trucks for the Water Department to Mitch Smith Chevrolet

APPROVED a Revised Commission Meeting Schedule:

Thursday, September 28, 2017
Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Thursday, December 14, 2017
Thursday, December 28, 2017

Time Until Next Cullman County Commission Meeting








Cullman County Commission
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Kenneth Walkeer


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Kerry Watson

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Garry Marchman

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