Healthy Eats By Annette; Transforming How Cullman Eats

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What do you get when you combine good health with passion, culinary skill, friendship, nutrition, a boatload of dedication with one heckuva tasty menu and patience?

You get the partnership of dream team Annette Harris and Beverly Dotsey. Annette is the free spirit and the constant wheel of new and emerging ideas. Beverly has the laser focus and organization skills to keep this well-oiled machine running smoothly.

Beverly jokes, “She’s a fly by the seat of her pants girl.”

Annette laughs, “and she keeps me focused.”

It is called ‘Healthy Foods By Annette’:

Their partnership flows well, and they fill in the gaps. These two work well together and share a common vision.

When observing the two of them in action, it is clear that they both bring their strengths to the table and what an incredible force they are when their efforts combine! They work feverishly and delightfully to prepare their first week of orders (66 meals to be exact).

Annette slices the steak with joy and comments on how beautiful it is as Beverly slices the zucchini “noodles” into lengthy, swirling beautiful pieces.

They each have their focus and work toward the common goal of delivering healthy and beautiful dishes to their eager first round of customers on Monday.

Harris and Dotsey both share a passion for eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. They enjoy working out and being active.  Providing a meal service for others, measuring calories and combining healthy foods that are also TASTY and presented beautifully is something that they’re very passionate about:

“We just both saw that there was a need for this. You try to get healthy, and sometimes you get tired of trying to fix it for yourself. We want to do this for regular, everyday, working people.”

Healthy Eats By Annette is also a great solution for single people, elderly folks (children could even pick up meals), people who may have a family that doesn’t necessarily support a healthy lifestyle, busy moms, working people. It takes the guess work out of cooking and eating healthy. All you have to do is heat up the meals and enjoy them.

Annette even goes on to explain that it’s not about just losing weight. It’s about being healthy. Your blood pressure and your blood sugar – all of those things should improve and get better. That’s what matters. You will feel better, and in the meantime, if that can develop into a lifestyle for you, that’s even better:

Beverly and Annette are passionate about cooking and helping you get started with that first step in your health journey.

So how did it all begin?

Annette had previously done meal preparation for people involved in fitness competitions, and Beverly has a lengthy history in serving up healthy culinary delights. Harris is no stranger to serving up delectable food a la Rumors Deli, but for at least the past two years, she has had the dream to provide the public with healthy and tasty meals of this quality and caliber.

Annette recalls:

“There are so many people who go to the grocery store with good intentions that buy all of these veggies with a cart full of green stuff and veggies and get home and put it in the fridge, and they don’t know what to make or how to prepare it or what to do next. Maybe they find recipes on Pinterest, but they don’t know where to start. We wanted to help with that.”

Annette takes the time to comb through every recipe to ensure that the food combinations, fat content, sodium amounts and calorie amounts are in line with what she is in agreement with. Beverly double checks to make sure that the taste factor is exactly where it should be. Meals are made and quality tested before they go to the kitchen to prepare it for you to make sure that it’s something that they would want to make and share with everyone else. So it’s safe to say you will most likely love it if two of Cullman’s top foodies love it!

I Want to Order, What’s Next?

We’re glad you asked!

• Fill out Order Form online at the Healthy Eats by Annette Facebook page

(Orders are open Sunday night – Thursday at Midnight. Make sure to order your extras and proteins at that time).

• Forms are then emailed for processing and then emailed to payment service Square

• Click a link to pay with a credit or debit card (They never see your info. and it is NEVER stored or kept)

Pick up your orders at Rumors Deli on Mondays between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

• Your orders will be bagged and labeled in a cool label designed by Beverly.

How easy is that?

FAQ here:

Beverly and Annette encourage people to check the ingredient list and food list to decide for themselves to see if it matches their special diet recommendations (gluten free/paleo/etc.). According to Annette, a lot of the meals do meet certain dietary restrictions:

“It’s been fun so far. We both appreciate pretty meals. I mean, my life is food. We are going to have some pretty meals and have a good time doing this. I’m able to work well with Beverly. We can communicate well together and we cook well together.”

“Annette and I have been friends for 3 years. It has worked out good. We trust each other. We can talk to each other about anything,” says Beverly.

If you have any questions or doubt at all, you can reach out to Annette and Beverly via Facebook on Healthy Eats by Annette. You can also follow the food journey and mouth-watering photos on Instagram.

Healthy Eats By Annette tries to do a variety of meals and has a good mix of different kinds of meals and meats. Their salads aren’t wimpy salads either. They have a good mix of quinoa and kale and they are hearty and filling. You won’t go hungry after eating their salads.

When Beverly and Annette aren’t whipping up top-notch, high-quality food, you can find them being active in the community with Annette busy over at Rumors Deli and Beverly on her Facebook page Yoga & AromaTouch with Beverly to see where she will be leading her next yoga class.

Healthy Eats By Annette
Healthy Eats By Annette; Transforming How Cullman Eats

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