Opening Night: Cullman County Fair 2017

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Over 100 photographs of Opening Night at the 2017 Cullman County Fair can be found below!

IMAGES Cullman Kiwanis Club Pancake Day 2017

The 63rd edition of the venerable Cullman County Fair opened with great fanfare at 5:00 pm Thursday afternoon.

Sponsored by the Cullman Lions Club, the Cullman County Fair commenced with a touching and profound ceremony featuring the Color Guard from the Cullman Police Department, a large gathering of elected city and county officials, multiple yellow aprons wearing Lions Club members and local media with over 100 prospective attendees waiting outside the gates.

Lions Board President Charlie Childers was the keynote speaker at the ceremony. He had many poignant, uplifting thoughts. He also definitively shot down some several erroneous belief systems about the Cullman County Fair and the Lions Club. It was a masterful oratory.

You can watch the entirety of this auspicious gathering here along with live, in-person interviews with such dignitaries as Commissioner Kerry Watson, Mayor Woody Jacobs, and Sheriff Matt Gentry:

The midway is always the largest attraction each year at the Fair. This year will be no different.

You will find most of your old favorites.

On our tour of the midway, we ran across what we believe is a brand new, major ride. It is called OMG!. It is perhaps the most insane piece of midway apparatus at the Cullman County Fair.

We recruit Jesse and Emily to take the Cullman Today camera onboard and film an entire round trip.


The Cullman Lions Club and their many members are the heart and soul of the Cullman County Fair. Without them, it likely would not exist.

The fair is the Lions’ largest and by far most lucrative fundraising event of the year.

The Lions primary charitable focus is on helping people in need who have vision issues of all kinds. However, this organization does FAR more than that across Cullman.

The leadership of this organization is comprised of:

Bill Ruehl – Club President
Mike Ponder – 1st Vice President
Andrew Manning – 2nd Vice President
Javon Daniel – 3rd Vice President
Don Smith – Secretary
Jerry Bonner – Treasurer

Barry Willingham – Immediate Past President

Riley Smith – Director
Chris Robinson – Director
Gary Murphree – Director
Howard Perry – Director

Frank Odell – Membership Committee Chair
Scott Waldrep – Membership Committee Vice Chair
Dave Gratz – Lion Tamer
Richard Gurley -Tail Twister

The Cullman Lions Club Concession Stand

We go inside the amazing and extremely well ran Cullman Lions Club main concession stand at the Fairgrounds. This is a top ‘must stop and eat’ attraction at the Cullman County Fair.

Lion Jim Grier chaperones us on a complete interior and exterior tour in this video interview:

IMAGES from Opening Night: Cullman County Fair 2017

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Over 100 photographs of Opening Night at the 2017 Cullman County Fair are found below.

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Cullman County Fair

Opening Night: Cullman County Fair 2017

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