Falkville Gets New Road Signs Inside Town Limits

by | Sep 28, 2017 | County News, Morgan

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The mayor and town council of Falkville have voted to move forward with the replacement of multiple area signs, including dated town and speed limit signs.

Mayor Ken Winkles and the Falkville Town Council voted to replace old dilapidated street, miscellaneous and traffic signs at a recent council meeting.

They passed Resolution 2017-58 to declare the leftover signs surplus.

The town council then passed the FY18 budget, which appropriated $2,500 toward new street signs.

Winkles said he loves to support his alma mater and the community:

“We remade the town limit signs in blue, and the street signs that lead into the school are blue with pitchforks on them. All old signs taken down will be sold at the Fall Festival at the town’s table near the Pepsi booth to recoup some of the cost of new signs.”

Street and other miscellaneous signs will be for sale at $10. Speed limit signs will be sold for $15; small stop signs will be sold for $20. Large stop signs will be $25.

Each sign purchaser will receive a certified letter from the town stating they have purchased a traffic sign from the Town of Falkville. Purchasers must understand signs are only for novelty use or collectors’ items – they cannot use or allow the signs to be used or placed in any manner or location where they may be misinterpreted as official traffic signs.

The new signs have recently been placed around town, near or around the placement of previous traffic signs.


This report originally appeared in the Hartselle Enquirer here.

Lauren Estes-Velez

Lauren Estes-Velez

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Falkville Town Hall

Falkville Gets New Road Signs Inside Town Limits

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