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IMAGES Cullman Kiwanis Club Pancake Day 2017

Week 6 of Cullman County Youth Football is now in the books.

The Week 6 games for the Cullman County Youth Football Association (CCYFA) kicked off at 4 pm sharp around the County on Saturday, September 30th. It was a much-anticipated moment for hundreds of elementary aged student-athletes, cheer squads, families, and friends.

Week 6 CCYFA Results

Cullman Bearcats 22 – West Point Warriors 6
Cullman Cyclones 32 – Fairview Aggies 6
Good Hope Outlaws 30 – Hanceville Bulldogs 6
Good Hope Raiders 42 – Holly Pond Broncos 6
Cold Springs Eagles 14 – Vinemont Eagles 12

WEEWEE Division
West Point Warriors 28 – Cullman Bearcats 12
Cullman Cyclones 22 – Fairview Aggies 0
Good Hope Outlaws 12 – Hanceville Bulldogs 0
Holly Pond Broncos 30 – Good Hope Raiders 14
Vinemont Eagles 30 – Cold Springs Eagles 0

PEEWEE Division
West Point Warriors 12 – Cullman Bearcats 6
Cullman Cyclones 14 – Fairview Aggies 0
Hanceville Bulldogs (DNP) – Good Hope Outlaws (no team)
Good Hope Raiders 14 – Holly Pond Broncos 12
Vinemont Eagles (DNP) – Cold Springs Eagles (no team)

The WEEK 6 Division Standings are below.

The PeeWee Division clash between the hosting and undefeated Fairview Aggies and the also undefeated Cullman Cyclones was the Cullman Today featured CCYFA GAME OF THE WEEK.

With playoff implications in the air, the first half of this game was truly a defensive standoff. Neither club could not generate any sustained offense.

The winners of the first half were both the Cullman AND Fairview defenses. They went to the intermission locked in a 0-0 tie.

The third quarter and a large portion of the fourth quarter was more of the same.

It appeared the game was headed to a 0-0 final and a potential overtime frame.

Then – perhaps with physical conditioning being a factor – the Cullman Cyclones offense found a workable pace and drove the length of the field for the go-ahead (and ultimately winning) touchdown. After a successful two-point conversion, the Cyclone led 8-0.

After giving the ball up on downs, the Aggies had a defensive letdown which led to a long Cyclone run that ended near the goal line. Cullman punched the pigskin in from inside the 10-yard line to render the final game score of 14-0.

We broadcasted the entirety of the 2nd half LIVE from Dafford Smith Stadium.

You can view that video below (less some lost footage due to a satellite feed outage):

All Cullman Today Sports Reports are made possible by the Jason Neal Liberty National Life Insurance Agency.

They have been insuring student-athletes and their parents against on and off field accidents and injuries for 25 years: Jason Neal Agency Liberty National

Fairview Elementary has 20 cheerleaders which are almost as many students as on the football team. They are incredibly skilled for their age bracket.

They perform here during the ‘Battle of the Unbeatens’:



6-0 Cullman Bearcats
3-3 Fairview Aggies
4-2 Good Hope Raiders
2-4 Holly Pond Broncos
1-5 Vinemont Eagles

WEEWEE Division
6-0 Vinemont Eagles
4-2 Fairview Aggies
3-3 Cullman Bearcats
2-4 Holly Pond Broncos
2-4 Good Hope Raiders

PEEWEE Division
5-1 Fairview Aggies
3-2 Good Hope Raiders
2-3 Vinemont Eagles**
1-3 Cullman Bearcats*
0-6 Holly Pond Broncos


5-1 Good Hope Outlaws
4-2 Cullman Cyclones
3-3 West Point Warriors
2-4 Cold Springs Eagles
0-6 Hanceville Bulldogs

WEEWEE Division
6-0 Cullman Cyclones
2-3 Good Hope Outlaws
3-3 West Point Warriors
1-4 Hanceville Bulldogs
0-6 Cold Springs Eagles

PEEWEE Division
5-0 Cullman Cyclones
3-2 Hanceville Bulldogs*
3-3 West Point Warriors
(1-3) Good Hope Outlaws (season over; team disbanded)

At season’s end, the top two teams in each Division will qualify for the playoffs.

* The PeeWee Hanceville Bulldogs and Good Hope Outlaws did not have their scheduled game. The Outlaws Peewee squad has permanently disbanded).

** The Cold Springs Eagles do not field a PeeWee Division team. Thus, the PeeWee Vinemont Eagles were a DNP and remain 2-3 in the standings.

This Year’s CCYFA Schedule

IMAGES from Cullman County Youth Football In Fairview

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Dafford Smith Stadium in the Town of Fairview


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