$25000 Stolen Pro Wrestling Ring Seized In Hanceville Sting

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Based on citizen derived information, the Hanceville Police Department recovered an unusual item of stolen property. That property was a full sized, professional wrestling ring complete with turnbuckles, ropes, and barricades.

Corroborated by a Walker County police department, Assistant Police Chief Adam Hadder utilized the citizen tip having Lieutenant Brannon Hammock initiate contact with the individual in possession of the ring.

The process led Hanceville law enforcement to a warehouse at the J.C. Arena. This location is well known to residents north of Hanceville along Highway 31.

Similar to a drug sting, Hammick posed as a renter of the facility requesting that the wrestling apparatus be moved from the rented space. This technique was used to allow visual verification that the ring was the stolen item in question. Once identified, Hanceville Police moved in.

According to Hadder, once the suspect realized was caught by police, he promptly confessed to the crime.

During the process, Chief of Police Bob Long determined the ring originated near Nauvoo in Walker County.

“It was strange,” said Hadder. “The suspect drove the ring and the trailer that contained it into Hanceville from Walker County. He claimed he didn’t think anyone would notice it missing.”

Interestingly, the Walker County Sheriff’s Office was unwilling to fulfill their customary role of returning stolen property from their jurisdiction to the rightful owner. Walker County investigators were told by their Sheriff not to recover the item stating it was the victim’s responsibility to get it.

Based on a joint decision made by Mayor Kenneth Nail and Chief of Police Bob Long, the City of Hanceville transported the apparatus back to Walker County Wednesday night.

All things will be returned to the owner early Thursday.

Chief Long estimates the value of the wrestling ring and some accompanying barricades to be around $25,000.

The suspect faces possible charges of Receiving Stolen Property – 1st Degree in Hanceville. He may face Theft of Property – 1st Degree in Walker County.

Hadder declined to make public the suspect’s name until the entire investigation in both counties is complete, and the property is in the hands of its owner.

images by Hanceville Police Department

J. C. Arena in Hanceville

$25000 Stolen Pro Wrestling Ring Seized In Hanceville Sting

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