Judge Kim Chaney Under An Accusation Cloud At Alabama Ethics Commission

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Cullman District Judge Kim Chaney was reviewed by the Alabama Ethics Commission this week.

The Alabama Ethics Commission determined probable cause Wednesday that Cullman County District Judge Kim J. Chaney may have violated a portion of the state’s ethics law.

The office of Steve Marshall, the Alabama Attorney General, will now review the case.

We contacted Judge Chaney this evening directly. He was unavailable for direct comment. He referred us to his counsel in the matter, August S. Dowd.

Dowd is a Shareholder, Vice President & Managing Lawyer for the Birmingham firm of White, Arnold & Dowd.

In our communication with Ms. Dowd, she indicated Judge Chaney denies the allegations before the Ethics Commission.

Earlier in the day, the Alabama Ethics Commission confirmed Chaney was reviewed by their agency. They declined to offer any additional detail or context on the allegations.

We have contacted a representative of the Alabama Attorney General’s Office. That representative indicated that their office does not typically comment on any pending ethics investigations.

Kim Chaney is a longtime District Judge in Cullman County first taking the bench in 1993. He is in his fifth elective term in office.

Chaney has been district judge since 1993 and is currently in his fifth term. He is already the longest-serving District Judge in Cullman County.

In 2018, he will make history by becoming the longest-serving District or Circuit Court Judge in the State of Alabama.

Chaney’s accomplishments outside the courtroom are MANY and include:

• Member of the Cullman County Human Trafficking Task Force.
• Founded the Cullman County Community Corrections program
• President of the Alabama District Judges’ Association
• President of the Alabama Association of Drug Court Professionals
• President of the Alabama Juvenile Judges’ Association

In this video, you can see the entirety of Judge Chaney’s remarks to the audience following his recent Oath & Investiture:

Judge Chaney is also involved Cullman County Human Trafficking Task Force: http://cullmantoday.com/2017/01/14/chaney-wilson-explain-cullman-sexual-exploitation/

Attorney Dowd had this to say about Judge Chaney:

“The Judge has served the State of Alabama and Cullman County for 25 years. He is a man of great honesty and integrity. Once all facts in this matter are reviewed by the appropriate law enforcement agencies, he will be both cleared and exonerated.”

Dowd went on to point out that ‘probable cause’ carries a low burden of proof and far from conclusive.

It is believed that that original Alabama Ethics Commission filing involves an accusation about the Judge allegedly leveraging his position as a public official to somehow benefit himself and/or a family member.

Alabama ethics law prohibits such behavior.

The Attorney General’s office has six months to reply to the ethics commission on this matter. The AG must inform them if a). He plans to take action, b. Embark upon further investigation or c). Close the case without further action

Cullman County Courthouse
Judge Kim Chaney Under An Accusation Cloud At Alabama Ethics Commission

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