Maes Food Hall Opens For First Time During Oktoberfest

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Mae’s Food Hall quietly opened its doors for business this weekend ahead of their full blast Grand Opening slated for Friday, October 13th.

During the construction phase leading up to this opening, Mae’s Food Hall billed itself as an ‘exciting culinary and social venue.’

After our first walk-thru Saturday, we can confirm that billing to be 100% accurate.

Mae’s Food Hall is a thoughtfully designed, impeccably clean, tastefully hip indoor replica of an outdoor food hall (complete with swings rather than chairs on some tables).

Longtime retired Cullman Police Department expert-on-cool – Billy Handley – had this to say about Mae’s on his first look a the new facility:

“Mae’s is the coolest concept I have ever seen. It will be my favorite spot from now on.”

There are seven (7) different food, beverage and entertainment vendors that inhabit the interior of the new venue:

★ iCantina Taqueria
★ I Love Bacon
★ Lichita’s
★ Link’s Hot Dogs & Hamburgers
★ Rukus Bar
★ Strada di Napoli
★ Big E’s Arcade

iCantina Taqueria

iCantina Taqueria is the definitive urban, authentic Mexican food eatery.

iCantina has been serving up made-fresh-daily Mexican food in Birmingham for over ten years. Their uniquely crafted menu items now come to Cullman with recipes created by the esteemed founder Guillermo Castro. His love for travel and a passion for fresh Mexican food came together to influence every aspect of this operation.

I Love Bacon

The I Love Bacon motto is: ‘Everything is better with bacon.’

I Love Bacon, Inc. takes porcine culinary wonders to entirely new and incredible heights inside Mae’s. They honed their pork craft in winning food truck rallies all over the American Southeast. Bacon fans will flip out at this location.


The Lichita‘s menu features gourmet popsicles and ice cream in a broad array of flavors from simple to exotic. We ran across Susan Robinson Eller eating one of the ice cream cones. We asked her how she liked it. She said:

“Well … I am on my second one.”

We took that to mean she really, really liked it.

Link’s Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

Link’s Hot Dogs & Hamburgers is precisely what you would expect.

Lines were so thick at this meat vendor that we could not get behind the counter to see what was happening in the kitchen or on the menu. By the look on the face of satisfied customers, this appears to be grilled meats nirvana in Cullman.

Rukus Bar

Mae’s Food Hall signature cocktails will become available on Grand Opening Night (Friday, October 13th) at the Ruckus Bar. We know one resident who has taken a position at the bar and plans to be the first person served early Friday. Everyone else should prepare to get in line behind him.

Strada di Napoli

Strada di Napoli blends the art of pizza making with science and style. Their delicious Neapolitan pizza and appetizers are baked to perfection in less than a minute in their 900 degree plus wood-fired oven. That oven was floated across the Atlantic Ocean to Cullman via freighter from Napoli, Italy.

Owner and chef Omid is bringing in many of the pizza ingredients from Italian suppliers to ensure the end product is as authentic of a Neapolitan pizza as he can muster.

Big E’s Arcade

Big E’s Arcade is a retro arcade with all of your favorite video game classics as well as skeeball, darts, foosball, and much more!

For those with discerning eyes and tastes beyond the surface, subtleties abound at Mae’s. One example is the stunning, handcrafted tables created by Magic City Woodworks.

Another example is the swings replacing chairs at some of the eating tables. You can swing like you are in a park while eating and socializing!

Huge roll-up glass doors are featured at the rear of the facility. Two smaller replicas of those same glass doors exist on both sides of the main entrance on 1st Avenue NE. This structural design gives Mae’s Food Hall an incredibly vast, open feel creating a buoyant, lively atmosphere utilizing natural sunlight.

Those doors can also be opened during fair weather. That will create an outdoor, festival, street ambiance at will.

With Big’s E Arcade at the rear of the establishment, families with children can dine and socialize comfortably in the main eating areas while the kids inevitably gravitate to the fun and games area. Parents and guardians now have a place in Cullman where they can keep an eye on their children in a safe, fun atmosphere while enjoying dinner in date night like atmosphere.

Mae’s has a seating capacity of 150 simultaneous customers. However, the unusually spacious interior will allow for far more patrons than that at any given time.

Top architects, interior designers, and construction companies from Cullman, Birmingham, and Nashville all focused their efforts on making Mae’s Food Hall a truly world-class venue that rivals establishments in any large metropolitan area.

They have unquestionably succeeded in every aspect of materializing the original creative vision into real-world, open-for-business format at Mae’s Food Hall.

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Mae’s Food Hall

Maes Food Hall Opens For First Time During Oktoberfest

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