Cullman Unveils Storefront Entrepreneurial Incubator Technology Village

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TECHNOLOGY INCUBATOR ARRIVES IN CULLMAN; Cullman Tech Entrepreneurs Get Big League Assistance

After months of planning and negotiations, a profound empowerment of the Cullman technology entrepreneur community was unveiled today.

The creation of a ‘Technology Village’ will commence in the downtown Cullman warehouse district immediately. The Technology Village will be a resource hub providing entrepreneurial guidance and statewide resource connections for technology entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of forming a start-up company.

The essence of the new program and facility was announced today at 2 pm on the southeast corner of the current Cullman Economic Development Agency Building next to Festhalle Marketplatz.

This Technology Village is part of a University of Alabama program that supports non-metropolitan communities such as Cullman in the development and operation of storefront business incubators. The goal is to accelerate the growth of local technology-based businesses in Cullman.

Ultimately, sustaining an entrepreneurial culture fostered on a resource-rich ecosystem, linked to services offered by the University of Alabama is the endpoint goal of this program for emerging tech companies across Cullman.

The partnership that brought this incubator to Cullman includes the City of Cullman, Wallace State Community College, and the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce.

The program is unique in its structure, which operates less like a traditional incubator and more as a start-up resource hub where entrepreneurs receive real-time distance entrepreneurial learning with hands-on consulting support.

The program is expected to connect the city and county of Cullman to intellectual property guidance, start-up financing assistance, and even potential corporate partnership for entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas.

The University of Alabama, through a distance-learning model, will provide a 14-week training course for up to 20 designated people from Cullman.

The training is designed to prepare the Director plus volunteers with assistance in the daily operation and management of a ‘Technology Village.’

Also, the Technology Village will have the University of Alabama providing periodic on-the-job startup assistance for the new Cullman center. That training may include, but not be limited to, training orientation, and University REDC assistance.

IMAGES from Cullman Unveils Storefront Entrepreneurial Incubator Technology Village
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Cullman Technology Village
IMAGES Cullman Unveils Storefront Entrepreneurial Incubator Technology Village

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