Active Haz Mat Scene In-Progress In Downtown Hanceville

by | Oct 12, 2017 | 911, City News, Hanceville, Public Safety

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Personnel from Hanceville Fire & Rescue and the Hanceville Police Department are active at a hazardous materials spill in downtown Hanceville.

Phyllis Little, Director of the Cullman County Emergency Management Agency, is also directly involved in the operation.

According to Britt Banks of Hanceville Fire & Rescue, a vehicle (believed to be a truck of some sort) was traveling northbound on Highway 31 in Hanceville. At the main highway intersection with Commercial Street, the vehicle appears to have made an abrupt stop, spilling an incalculable amount of an as yet unidentified liquid substance onto the pavement.

This incident occurred directly in front of Hanceville Drug Company.

Assistant Fire Chief and local hazardous materials specialist Bart Absher indicate that the substance is a petroleum-based product. It has a distinct although not strong odor.

Absher and his team have controlled the spill on the concrete and asphalt with liquid blocks and expensive oil-absorbing powders.

Unfortunately, some of the spills have entered the city’s sewer system. The concern of all parties is the environmental impact on Mud Creek which is just a few blocks away. The storm sewers in this part of the city flow directly towards the creek.

One northbound lane of Highway 31 in the center of Hanceville has been closed by HPD. Traffic is passing by the location safely at reduced speeds.

The Hanceville Police Department is currently searching for the spill-and-run vehicle with the help of other area law enforcement agencies.

Absher says the truck involved will be heavily coated with the offending substance. It left oily tire tracks on the roadway for nearly one-half mile north of the intersection.

There is no direct health threat to Hanceville residents or merchants.

Daily business in Hanceville proceeds largely undisturbed except for the mess and emergency vehicles at Commercial and Highway 31.

Historic Downtown Hanceville

Active Haz Mat Scene In-Progress In Downtown Hanceville

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