Cullman Walk For Freedom Abolishing Human Slavery

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Approximately 85 Cullman residents led by the Honorable Judge Kim Chaney and the Cullman County Human Trafficking Task Force conducted the 4th annual Walk for Freedom Saturday.

This global event took place in more than 300 cities across America today. The goal was to raise awareness of human trafficking throughout the world.

The Courthouse was ground zero for the Cullman County gathering.

Kathy Wilson of the Cullman County Human Trafficking Task Force was on hand; she had these thoughts:

“Our Human Trafficking Task Force in Cullman is on the cutting edge of this nationwide problem. We will continue to work to prevent and stop human trafficking in ALL its forms at a grass root level. We believe training, education and public awareness is a critical first step in ensuring the residents of Cullman County have a safe place to live, work and raise their families.”

There was a big, enthusiastic, committed turnout of Cullman residents for the Walk itself:
video by modern child abolishonist: Ella Abbot

Judge Chaney was the keynote speaker at this event.

He is intimately involved with supporting Cullman County Human Trafficking Task Force. He explained the purpose of this event in great detail during the pre-walk preparation:

On a national level, the group A21 was the lead driver and sponsor of this gathering. They are the New Abolitionists.

Their mission is both simple and complex: End Slavery.

They are a nonprofit organization fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. They work with individuals and community leaders to free slaves and disrupt the demand.

Judge Chaney brought the issues down to a local perspective during his remarks to the crowd before the walk on the Courthouse steps:

“Human Trafficking is modern slavery. It’s the recruitment, control, and use of people for their bodies and their labor. It may take the form of forced labor or sex trafficking. It is exploitation for profit, any way you look at it.


The dangers of Human Trafficking and human exploitation are real, AND they are in Alabama and Cullman County. Right now, as we stand here, there are human trafficking cases pending in Cullman County. Just this week another arrest was made in Decatur for human trafficking.”

The highly respected well Well House out of Birmingham was also present for support and information to those interested.

They had plenty of information defining precisely what human trafficking is all about: Commercial sexual exploitation is through force, fraud, and coercion. This is sexual slavery. Trafficked women and children feed a high worldwide demand for sex slaves, pornography, and prostitution.

Traffickers consider people, especially children, to be commodities or renewable resources that can be exploited again and again. The combination of low risk plus high demand and enormous profits, it is easy to see why sex trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry.

For anyone under age 18, force, fraud, or coercion are not required elements of the crime. The law states that any minor in the commercial sex industry is a sex trafficking victim.

Beating and slapping
Beating with objects
Sexual assault
Confinement and physical restraint

False promises
Deceitful enticing and affectionate behavior
Lying about working conditions
Lying about the promise of a better life

Threats of serious harm or restraint
Intimidation and humiliation
Creating a climate of fear
Intense manipulation
Emotional abuse
Creating dependency and fear of independence

If you, or someone you know, are caught up in such a circumstance, plenty of help exists.

For guidance and education, see:

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Cullman County Courthouse
Cullman Walk For Freedom Abolishing Human Slavery

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