CSHRM Elevates Cullman Business With Navigating Human Resources Workshop

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The 3rd annual Navigating Human Resources and Management Teams Workshop was better than ever this year.

Led by the innovative, cutting-edge business support group – Cullman SHRM – the workshop took place at Wallace State Community College on Thursday.

The nearly 70 attendees at the day-long workshop were treated to four top-flight speakers along with a Silent Auction, and great food for both breakfast, lunch, and snacks!

The conference room was filled with local business owners, employee managers, Human Resources professional and a few interested Wallace students.

This one-day workshop brought everyone up-to-date on the current best employment practices and the rapidly changing legal requirements in the field of employee management.

The investment of time (6.5 hours) and money ($100) was immediate, handsomely repaid through the practical, profitable skills learned during the workshop.

The esteemed Matthew Stiles was the lead speakers Thursday. He dived deep into ‘The Developing Employment Law of the Trump Administration.’

Cheryl Hill was next with her no-nonsense ‘Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires: The Impact of Subtle Behaviors’ presentation.

After a delicious luncheon catered by Stone Bridge Farms, Kristin Scroggin took to the podium with her interactive session “Generation ‘Them’: Navigating A Multi-Generational Workplace.”

The day’s closing speaker was the inimitable Marsha Lacey who delivered her fascinating ‘Onboarding Keys To Drive Retention’ presentation.

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Cullman SHRM
CSHRM Elevates Cullman Business With Navigating Human Resources Workshop

This was a not-for-profit workshop.

All proceeds generated go to the Cullman SHRM Foundation and the United Way of Cullman County.

Question(s)? Contact: shrmcullman@gmail.com

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