Maple Ridge Gun Club Closes Down Operations

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Business, County News, Cullman

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The popular Maple Ridge Gun Club in the Bethsadia community has closed down business operations.

The business posted this statement on their website yesterday:

“We would like to let all of our friends and loyal customers know that we are currently closed. We are in talks with someone to possibly buy the business and move it to another location. Please know that we appreciate all of our customers so much! It has been a pleasure to meet and get to know all of you. As soon as we know if the business will be moved and opened we will let you know.”

The now-closed facility is located at:
2080 County Road 420
Cullman, AL 35057
United States


The Club has been a popular destination for many of the County’s shooting enthusiasts. The venue has held some shooting-related tournaments, such as the annual Cullman County Home Builders event. Youth shooting groups like as 4-H are regular patrons of the club as well.

We received several citizen complaints in the last week about live bullets in the air around residents’ homes in a Bethsadia neighborhood just south of the facility. Neighbors claim that at least two residents took ammunition rounds into their residential structures with one glass door reported being shattered. One man told us he feared for the safety of his grandchildren outdoors.

It is unknown if those rounds emanated from the gun club, or from some other source in the area. The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office was informed about the incidents and investigated.

It is also unknown if this business closure is somehow connected to those incidents, or an entirely separate, unrelated business decision.

Maple Ridge Gun Club
Maple Ridge Gun Club Closes Down Operations

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