MILITARY BROTHERHOOD Roy Drinkard & Chris Denney

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Roy Drinkard – U.S. Marines
Chris Denney – 101st Airborne

The United States oldest living US Marine (and longtime Cullman resident) – Roy Drinkard – will be receiving the ‘Keys to the City’ from Mayor Woody Jacobs tonight at 6 pm in 1st Avenue SE in a ceremony in front of Moe’s BBQ.

All residents of Cullman are invited to attend.

Earlier today, we sat down with Mr. Drinkard and Chris Denney, a decorated 10-year veteran of the Iraqi theater. What transpired is priceless.

We captured the touching interaction between these two military veterans on this video. It is a perfect example of what Veterans Day is all about.

We believe it is worth everyone’s time to watch:

Drinkard Development

MILITARY BROTHERHOOD Roy Drinkard & Chris Denney

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