Colony Celebrates Veterans Day 2017

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Under the guidance of Mayor Donnis Leeth and Council Protem Curtis Johnson, the Town of Colony rolled out their 2nd annual Veterans Day Celebration Saturday.

This gathering of military veterans of all ages from all branches was held at 9 am in the Colony Educational Complex.

Also in attendance were a number of top Cullman County elected officials such as:

Gregory Nicholas – Presiding Circuit Judge
Martha Willians – Circuit Judge
Lisa McSwain – Circuit Clerk
Gary Marchman – County Commissioner

The program for this Veterans Day celebration was jammed packed.

Mayor Leeth started things off with a rousing salute to Colony’s military veterans quickly followed by a prayer, blessing of food, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Next was a spectacular multiple course buffet breakfast featuring eggs, bacon, hot dogs and mixed fruits. More than one attendee described the made-from-scatch biscuits as ‘the best biscuits I’ve ever had’.

The kitchen staff at the Complex spared no expense and no effort in delivering a delicious and VERY well received meal.

The keynote speaker for this Veterans Day celebration was to be Sergeant Micheal Rausch. Unfortunately, Rausch was unable to arrive at the venue at his scheduled time.

Always nimble of mind and quick-acting, Mayor Leeth scrambled to find a replacement orator. With a room full of experienced military men and women, he had a quality pool of talent to choose from.

The Mayor tapped 1st Sergeant Tommie Dudley of the U.S. Army (retired) to speak. With all of 60 seconds to gathering his thought and prepare, Sgt. Dudley took to the podium.

He proved to be a more than adequate, if not spectacular, speaker. Dudley provided insights into his military history as well as offers personal consulting assistance for Veterans who need guidance working their way in and through the VA healthcare system.

You can view the entirety of his performance here:

The final portion of this remarkable gathering included a Recognition of Veterans AND a Recognition of Guests.

A Recognition of Veterans could have been expected at an event such as this.

Mayor Leeth allowed any and all veterans in attendance to stand and present to everyone present their thoughts about the occasion. Almost every military veteran took turns telling their stories, reliving their experiences, and some eloquently pontificating on important current issues and events.

The outpouring of emotional IQ and raw intellect was stunning at times bringing laughter and tears.

The Recognition of Guests was unexpected.

The Mayor had all non-military veterans rise and tell their name. He also invited the elected officials to say a few words. Then, anyone who felt led was allowed to speak.

We were struck by how the open public gathering where free speech was made available to all is symbolic of the core essence of Veterans Day.  ALL veterans – those living, deceased and still missing – entered into military service in part to defend all our rights to assemble and speak at a gathering just like this.

The Town of Colony on this Saturday morning was a shining example of the fruits of military service bestowed upon the populace for the well-being and freedom of all citizens. Special, special stuff.

Colony Celebrates Veterans Day 2017

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Town of Colony

Colony Celebrates Veterans Day 2017

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