Cullman County Christmas Parade On Saturday December 2nd

28th Annual Cullman County Christmas Parade On Saturday December 2nd

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Mark your calendar!

The 28th annual Cullman County Christmas Parade will be held on Saturday, December 2, 2017.

This year the parade will be dedicated to City of Hanceville icon Joann Walls.

The line-up will begin to gather at 10 am on College Drive near Wallace State Community College.

The parade will take it’s traditional route southward down Main Avenue (aka US Highway 31) ending near Hanceville City Hall with a termination point at Hanceville Fire Station #1.

This parade will go on RAIN or SHINE!

Concessions will be made available FOR SALE by the Civitans at the conclusion of the parade.

Need assistance? Contact Rick Cason at 256-352-5610, or Hanceville City Hall at 256-352-9830.

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About Joann Walls

Joann Hartley Walls (84) of Hanceville passed away Friday, July 14, following a surgical procedure earlier in the week.

Joan Wall’s impact on the City of Hanceville is both profound and historic.

Full details:

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Cullman County Christmas Parade – Hanceville

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28th Annual Cullman County Christmas Parade


Timothy Collins

Timothy brings an insightful holistic perspective as well as a mountain man tenacity to his various roles at Cullman Today. You can reach him at

Timothy brings an insightful holistic perspective as well as a mountain man tenacity to his various roles at Cullman Today. You can reach him at