Farm City Banquet Features Multiple Award Winners Beautiful Setting

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The most striking thing about the 2017 Cullman County Farm-City Banquet Thursday night at the Cullman Civic Center was the 400 perfectly arranged table place settings complete with seasonally appropriate flowers and ornamental vegetables.

The hours man-woman hours invested in the table presentations were obvious.

For those unaware, the Cullman County Farm-City Banquet is the lead event in what is traditionally called Farm-City Week across the county. This festive farm appreciation week concludes at midnight on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

The purpose of Farm-City Week is to bring about a better understanding between rural and urban people by increasing their knowledge and appreciation of each other as partners in progress.

The Civic Center was sold out for this gathering with all 400 available seats filled.

No expense was spared by the Farm-City Committee in making this an A+ gathering. This was evident as arriving attendees were treated to the sounds of Triumphant Quartet:

With all guests seated, twenty-six student volunteers from the Cullman Area Technology Academy and Cold Springs, Fairview, Cullman, West Point High Schools began serving an outstanding meal catered by Designs by Grace of Top of the Town fame.

Simultaneously, the evening’s program kicked off with Cullman Farm-City Chair Lynda Hankey offering a warm, heartfelt welcome to guests and an introduction to attendees at the head table.

Dr. Tom ‘Big Doc’ Williamson provided the Invocation and Vice Chair Bonnie Baty provided a recap of all important Farm-City activities for 2017.

Next, Denise Schuman had much fun introducing the Farm-City Poster Contest winners.

4-6th Grade Poster Winners
1. Mattie Wix – Good Hope Elementary
2. Boston Gibbs – Holly Pond Elementary
3. Elaine Agnello – Sacred Heart School

K-3 Poster Winners
1. Latham Shuford – Cold Springs Elementary
2. Mason McDonald – Good Hope Elementary
3. Lyric Antone – West Point Elementary

The tension in the big room began to build further Farm-City Committee Member Shannon Bridges presented the coveted Farm-City Youth Awards.

Outstanding FFA Member
PAGE QUICK – West Point High

Outstanding 4-H Member
COLBY TYREE – West Point High

Outstanding FCCLA Members
RACHEL HAYNES – Cold Springs High
JESSICA RODEN – Cold Springs High

The evening ratcheted up another notch with Farm City Secretary/Treasurer Doris Patterson recognizing all the former Farm-City Family Winners with a particular emphasis on the 2017 City Family of the Year, Jerry and Shirley Bonner.

Finally, the night reached it’s always much anticipated climax with the Announcement of the 2018 Farm Family of the Year by Hankey.

You can watch the entirety of Patterson and Hankey’s awards presentations in the following video footage.

The 2018 Farm Family of the Year is STAN & SUZANNE WOOD!

The Woods are the principles in Riverwood Farms located along the Mulberry River in southwestern Cullman County.

The Woods are the first timber-based family to ever win the award. These two also raise foodstuffs primary for livestock on a comparatively small portion of their property. They are Conservationist as much as timber barons and farmers.

The evening concluded with more entertainment from the Triumphant Quartet and the issuance of a slew of fine door prizes.

The award-winning principles of Cullman Farm-City organization include


Chair: Linda Hankey (WKUL)

Vice-Chair: Bonnie Baby (Cullman Electric Cooperative)

Secretary & Treasurer: Jill Bradberry (Merchants Bank of Alabama)

Past Chair: Ashley Graves (Cullman Economic Development)

Past Chair: Travis Kress (Cullman County Soil and Water)



Tonja Grace
Wendy Tysinger
Melanie Byrd
Lindsay Harris
Rhonda Lawyer
Fred Hankey
Kathy Holmes
Shannon Bridge
Eddie McGriff
Kathy Holmes



Leonard Slade
Pat Floyd
Denise Schuman
Doris Patterson
Dr. Tom Williamson
Tony Glover
Brian Lacy
Phillip Garrison
Luanne Reid
Cherrie Haney

Cullman Farm-City has been named the best overall Farm City group in the entire state of Alabama for five years in a row.

When you are just that good, it is obvious to everyone.

Farm City Banquet Features Multiple Award Winners Beautiful Setting

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Cullman Civic Center

Farm City Banquet Features Multiple Award Winners Beautiful Setting

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