Cullman Taxpayers Screwed Schools Shorted by Alabama Higher Education
★ Cullman County has the MOST cases of Sexual Assault in the in the State of Alabama.
★ Cullman County has the 3rd most cases of Domestic Violence in the in the State of Alabama.

These statistics keep the newly revitalized Victims Services of Cullman, Inc. (under the energetic leadership of Regina Grant) extraordinarily busy serving the desperate requirement of victims and attempting to end the cycle of violence with offenders and perpetrators.

The goal of Victims Services of Cullman is both simple and complex:

Forever positively alter and ultimately end the unacceptable cycle of violence in this county.

Victims Services of Cullman, Inc. plans to bust up the nasty racket of victim abuse from the spiritual realm all the way through to the behavioral.

The following video provides a deep, profound view into the inner working of one of Cullman County’s most essential and challenging organizations:

Appearing in the above video are the core principles of Victim Services of Cullman, Inc.:

Regina Grant – New Executive Director

Seth Horstman – Domestic Violence Intervention Facilitator
Linda Jacobs – Shelter Manager
Charlotte Jones – Child Advocate
Marie Lindsey – Bookkeeper
Theresa Mann – Court Advocate
Sheila Taylor – Victim Services Specialist

Victim Services of Cullman, Inc. operates a 24-hour, 365 day, hotline to provide immediate assistance to victims of family violence. Crisis calls include an assessment of critical needs, crisis intervention, education, information and referrals. 256-734-6100.

They also operate Harbour House which is location non-disclosed 24-hour per day shelter for victims oaf domestic violence.

One of the most important things you can do before leaving an abusive relationship is to develop a safety plan. You should talk to a victim advocate who can help you fully consider safety issues, understand your legal rights, and identify community resources such as shelters.

Contact a Victim Services of Cullman, Inc. advocate for help.

Victim Services of Cullman, Inc.

The New Victim Services of Cullman

Timothy Collins

Timothy brings an insightful holistic perspective as well as a mountain man tenacity to his various roles at Cullman Today. You can reach him at

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