Hanceville Police Respond To Senior Center Noise Complaint

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Hanceville Police Respond To Senior Center Noise Complaint – Early Senior Iron Bowl Party Gets Out Of Hand

The Hanceville Police Department received multiple noise complaints this morning around 10:30 am. Neighbors reported high volume sounds emanating from the Hanceville Senior Center.

The location of this facility is along the 1500 block of Spruce Street SE in the city’s far east side.

Chief of Police Bob Long backed up by Lieutenant Brannon ‘Bull’ Hammick made an entry to the building just before 11 am.

They discovered twenty-three Hanceville senior citizens and Center Manager – Evon Fowler – engaging in what the group deemed an early ‘Iron Bowl Party with accompanying Chili Cook-Off.’

Based upon past dealings with individuals using aliases at this location, Long was immediately suspicious.

Between Chief Long and Lieutenant Hammick, all twenty-four participants were interviewed as suspects in regards to the circumstances that led to the original noise complaints.

After some time, HPD was able to ascertain that this group had been conducting at least two so-called ‘games of skill’ in the facility:

• Pin-The-Football-Between-the-Goal-Posts

• Hoola-Hoop-Football-Pass-Target-Throwing

When we arrived on the scene, we were able to document this activity on film as well as speak with both Hammick and Long about penal consequences that may ensue:

We also turned over video evidence of non-traditional LOUD prayer activity which had been regularly occurring in the Hanceville Senior Center:

After an extensive investigation, Long determined that while criminally actionable offenses may have occurred, he did not have enough hard tangible evidence to arrest (much less capacity to jail ) all twenty-four alleged ‘Iron Bowl Party’ participants.

As a result, the Chief called in a close patrol with his dispatchers. Hanceville Police Department plans to maintain public safety and acceptable behavior in and around the Hanceville Senior Center going forward.

Chief Long summarized his thoughts on the matter succinctly:

“They are the rowdy bunch. I can’t pin a crime on them – yet.”

The only documentably-legitimate endeavor that seemed to be taking place was a four entrant Chili-Coof Off.

In a show of good community faith on the part of law enforcement and to extract proper atonement for the loud reported behaviors, Long, Hammick and this reporter were selected to judge the Chili Cook-Off Contest.

All four entrant recipes were outstanding. The winning Chili Chef was – Mary Brown. She won top votes from all three Judges.

Shirley Ann Fowler took 2nd place, Thelene Thomas was the 3rd place finisher.

You can see all the entrants creations and the Judges final verdict here:

Center Manager Evon Fowler had this to say after the police matter concluded:

“I think the police may have overreacted. Many of my Seniors have some hearing loss. What some people consider loud, we consider conversational tones.”

Names of all individuals involved in this incident were reported to the magistrate at Hanceville City Hall:

Charles Dye
Wanda Gaddis
Thelene Thomas
Stephen Smith
Deborah Baker
Lawrence Baker
Carol Shannon
Ruby Elsberry
Barbara Bailey
Ray Lollar
Bonnie Nash
Earnie Sullins
Louise Evans
Robert Fowler
Paula Hoover
Lorene Mann
Shirley Ann Fowler
Dan Fowler
Mary Brown
Carol Argo
Lucille Powell
Rose Spear
Tommy Spear

Hanceville Police Respond To Senior Center Noise Complaint

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Hanceville Senior Center

Hanceville Police Respond To Senior Center Noise Complaint

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