Holly Market 2017 Wildly Successful With Record Crowds

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After last year’s 2016 Holly Market, we did not believe the success of that event could be topped. We were wrong.

Wrapping up at 3 pm Saturday, the 2017 edition of Cullman’s ultimate Christmas season arts and crafts show was even bigger, better and more well-attended than any previous show.

Every available space inside the Cullman Civic Center was filled with over 80 handmade craft vendors many with items sporting a Christmas and Holiday theme.

On Saturday, with excellent December weather assisting, additional vendors had to be placed in the front parking lot of the facility. This swelled the vendor count to near 100.

Since this was an admission-free event held on both Friday and Saturday, there was no way to precisely count the number of patrons that visited Holly Market. However, it is safe to say the number of attendees for both days that came through the Civic Center was in some multiple of a thousand. At times, the aisles of the show indoors were so crowded they became impassable.

Speaking with almost every vendor on Friday morning, the consensus was that the turnout of potential holiday customers was far higher than their expectations.

Tonya Grace of the Farmhouse summed up the traffic flow and sales success best:

“We have had a steady streams of traffic since 9 am. It is not even noon and we are completely sold out of fudge!”

We spoke with the Queen of Holly Market (the Director of Cullman Civic Center), Kelly Pulliam after the show concluded Saturday afternoon.

Understandably tired and a bit frazzled from days of organization, execution and non-stop customer service, Pulliam was nonetheless thrilled with the success of this year’s event (and already thinking about the 2018 Holly Market):

“… the best compliment I received was ‘Holly Market resembles a smaller Christmas Village.’ That is a huge show held at the BJCC each year. Creating a Christmas Village worthy show in Cullman was my goal.


Honestly, I have no ideas on how to top Holly Market 2017. I’m thrilled with the success this year! And, after I recover from an insane week of preparation and the actual market, I will start thinking about next year.


Most of all, I want to thank all of the Cullman Parks and Recreation staff, my family, and friends that helped with Holly Market. It’s only successful because of their hard work and willingness to help me achieve an awesome event for our community to enjoy.”

Numerous vendors said it was their best show ever. They plan to return next year.

Pulliam liked that idea:

“I consider the show a success if the vendors are already asking to reserve space for Holly Market 2018.”

If you would like to be a vendor participant in the 2018 Holly Market, you would be wise to get your entry reservation in EARLY. This event will have all vendors spots sold out quickly.

For questions about the event, contact Kelly Pulliam by phone at (256) 734-9157 or by email at kpulliam@cullmanrecreation.org

Below you will find video interviews with three of the show’s top vendors, a walk through of Holly Market with Kelly Pulliam (featuring the new Candy Cane Cafe and Jingle Bell Bakery).

In addition, we have over 100 image of the show taken by Cullman Photography of this year’s show:

Holly Market 2017 Wildly Successful With Record Crowds

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Holly Market at Cullman Civic Center

Holly Market 2017 Wildly Successful With Record Crowds

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