Fake Crime Alert Handbills Being Passed Out

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Crime, Public Safety

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Fake Crime Alert Handbills Being Passed Out

First, it was the ‘active shooter at Walmart’ hoax. That was followed by yesterday’s rampant, unsubstantiated rumor of human remains being found at Smith Lake Park.

Today, it is unofficial, unauthorized crime alert handbills being past out in eastern Cullman County with a focus in the Berlin area.

Here is the item in question:

Someone(s) has been putting this document out in public places.

We checked with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office. They stated:

“… these flyers are NOT official, and NOT from Sheriff Matt Gentry, and NOT from the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office.”

It seems obvious that someone(s) have an agenda related to the mass distribution of this handbill, however, anyone who comes in contact with it can be assured it is not from a law enforcement source, and would likely best be ignored.

Berlin, AL

Fake Crime Alert Handbills Being Passed Out

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