Rock The South Adds $6 Million To Cullman County GDP

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Business, County News, Cullman

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Rock The South Adds $6 Million To Cullman County GDP

At a press conference this morning at Mae’s Food Hall, a team from the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Alabama presented their findings on a study of the economic and fiscal impact of Rock The South on Cullman County.

Ahmad Ijaz, Executive Director & Director of Economic Forecasting provided the following numbers. The results reflect the total economic impact of the 2016 music festival on the county:

• Gross Business Sales: $10,149,217

• Contribution to Gross Domestic Product: $6,021,680

• Total Jobs / Employment: 121

• Local Sales Taxes Accrued: $208,260

Those numbers are stunning for a two-day business venture.

Quick is most proud of the positive economic effects the festival has on Cullman area organizations and not-for-profit agencies.

Representatives from three such organizations were invited to speak and tell their stories during the press conference:

Leah Bolin – Cullman Chamber of Commerce

Dawn Owens – The Link of Cullman County

Nathan Anderson – Cullman City Parks & Recreation

Their testimonials can be seen in the above video as well.

If the moon tonight get obscured by clouds tonight, no worries: a near-full moon will be visible on Sunday and Monday as well.

After the press conference concluded, we spoke with Shane Quick:

“You know, we always wondered what kind of economic impact Rock The South was having in Cullman County. So, we brought in a neutral, well-respected outside professional team from the University of Alabama to tell us. Now we know, and we are blown away.


This study was for 2016. The event grew significantly in 2017, and I would expect these number will be even higher next year.”

Rock The South

Rock The South Adds $6 Million To Cullman County GDP

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